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Summer Heat or Election Fever?    

- By George  

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These past few weeks, Ottawans have endured sweltering weather. Those toiling in federal politics will tell you, however, that it is much more than extraordinary summer heat; temperatures have risen with a highly contagious election fever.  


With the up-coming Fall vote, Canadians have choices and they have a dandy of an election race. Politicos and pundits alike are forecasting a close, hard-fought battle-to-the-end that is likely to result in a post-election maelstrom with little grace shown between the victors and the walking wounded. That being said, elections are all about the surprises - and this federal contest is shaping up to be no exception. Who can tell what the make up of next Parliament: a restored majority, some sort of coalition, or an unstable minority government situation?


By George is observing the skirmishes and behind-the-scenes maneuvering of the campaign teams. If you have not connected to our social media missives in the Journal, on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, you can find the links in " Daily Doses of Canadian Politics". If you know someone who would enjoy this discourse, please forward the newsletter. Enjoy the read - and take the time to enjoy the rest of your summer!


Have you seen the election commentary
in the By George Journal this month?  


Can you believe that there are just 11 weeks before Canadians go to the polls? As we have done over the past seven months and will do each week leading to the vote, By George provides articles with insights into the personalities, campaign tactics and unfolding events of this federal election year. If you have missed some posts while away on summer holidays, here are 5 articles that are political must- reads from the By George Journal pages this July.    


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Election Musings (July) 

- a compilation of quotes about the election


To follow our political commentary more closely, here is that link again so you can better connect: Daily Doses of Canadian Politics.  To surf federal election material in the By George Journal, simply click through our archived articles tagged "2015 election".

This Fall election will change the face of politics in Ottawa for years to come. Whatever the outcome, the vote will bring new MPs, a new cabinet and new policy agendas - perhaps a new PM and government. Are you prepared to take advantage of these changes?

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Connect with us to discuss what can be accomplished through the federal campaign and, more importantly, after the election in Canada's 42nd Parliament.

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