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Eric Zener, Rejoining Again, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 38"

Eric Zener, Rejoining Again II, Oil on Canvas,48" x 38"

Eric Zener, All Clear Ahead, Mixed Media Resin, 31" x 41

Eric Zener, Summer Wormhole, Mixed Media Resin, 30" x 41"
August is around the corner, and dreams of relaxing by the pool are inspiring us to highlight Eric Zener's tantalizing paintings in the Summer Group Show.

Zener's Rejoining Again and Rejoining Again II put a surreal spin on a dip in the pool. At 48" x 38" these two modestly sized canvases are a rare combination to come out of the studio.

Zener's liquidy resin pieces, All Clear Ahead and Summer Wormhole, give us a poolside buzz just looking at them. Zener manipulates resin to mimic the transparency and vivid gleam of water.

Stop in to see these paintings, along with many others, at the Summer Group Show!

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Chosen Objects 

September 13 - October 6, 2018

Our fall season will open with a brilliant group exhibition with still life paintings by Olga Antonova, Daniel E. Greene, Samuel Hung, Robert C. Jackson, Elizabeth McGhee, Janet Rickus, Steve Smulka, Eric Wert, and Will Wilson.

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Gary Ruddell 

October 11 - November 3, 2018

Gary Ruddell, A Reckless Dreamer, Oil on Panel, 60" x 60"
Gary Ruddell's allegorical landscapes, inhabited by few or isolated figures, explore the ideas of connectedness, duty, and aspiration. Ruddell's figures often appear in ambiguous settings reminiscent of a memory or dream, which, while grounded in reality, allow for mystical events.

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Kim Cogan

November 8 - December 1, 2018

Kim Cogan in the studio

Kim Cogan, Brooklyn Summertime (Diptych), Oil on Panel, 30" x 90"
Kim Cogan's paintings capture the spirit of contemporary urban life in all its beauty and disrepair. Through the vast exploration of a place like Manhattan, Cogan revisualizes the city's curves, rooftops, and niche locations, utilizing vantage points from high above street level or looking up from a low sightline.

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