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beats and ballots highlights.

Citizens Project Beats and Ballots Community Festival was a success!

To everyone who volunteered, participated, offered their talents, and to the COMMUNITY who showed up on a beautiful September day to help us reimagine civic engagement,


So many of our community dropped by and heard some great LOCAL music, and were encouraged to get involved and VOTE.

THANKFUL to all of the local food trucks, vendors and organizations who helped make this a fantastic event.


We want to again express our appreciation to our amazing sponsors!


colorado civic engagement roundtable summit..

Citizens Project recently took part in the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable (CCER) Summit 2023. Citizens Project was a part of the steering committee and Mike Williams, Citizens Project Executive Director, was part of a distinguished outreach panel answering questions and engaging in dynamic organizational collaboration.


el paso county school board elections.

november 2023.

The November 2023 School Board Elections are right around the corner and Citizens Project is working diligently to bring

non-partisan resources to the community.

coming soon...

• November 2023 School Board Candidate Survey / Voter Guide

• Candidate Forums for each School Board District in partnership with the LWVPPR.

Below is our infographic on why school boards matter.

We encourage everyone to engage with family, friends, and neighbors to GET OUT THE VOTE!

support our work

As part of our commitment to inform the Colorado Springs community, our 2023 legislator report card is available.

link to full legislator report card
one page report

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