Empowering Our Youth to Strengthen Our Democracy
2022 No. 14
The summer session of Students for Justice has ended and it was a huge success!
  • We enrolled 32 political organizers led by eight team managers to work at getting out the vote via postcards, phone banking, and social media
  • Our political organizers and the 293 volunteers they recruited mailed nearly 14,000 postcards to registered voters in communities of color in Florida, urging them to vote in the August 23 primary election.
Did you know that 85% of people who vote in a primary will turn out to vote in the general election? Getting out the vote for primaries paves the way for high turnout in November.
  • Our political organizers spent a total of 590 hours phone banking, reaching about 17,700 potential voters with helpful information about where to vote, when to vote, what ID to bring, and how to get a free ride to the polls. Informational phone banking of this sort is one of the most effective ways to get out the vote, reliably delivering upticks in voter turnout.
  • Our interns created powerful TikTok posts aimed at persuading young people to register and vote. Our posts got about 150,000 views! While creating their posts, our interns learned valuable digital marketing skills from the team of professionals at Dirt Marketing.
Some of our interns were extra creative in their volunteer recruitment. One got the members of a Boys and Girls Club writing postcards! Pictured here: the young volunteers with their finished cards.
Postcard parties are the best way to get a lot of postcards written fast. Here, a group of student volunteers at Florida A&M University work on postcards under the supervision of one of our interns. A good playlist is key, and snacks help too.
As much as our interns enjoyed writing postcards, it looks to us as though their pets were glad when they were done.
With hope for our democracy,
Claire Ullman & Sandra Radoff
Help us find opportunities for our former interns!
We work hard to make Students for Justice a career stepping stone for our interns. One of the ways we do this is by sharing job and internship opportunities with our program alumni. If you know of an opportunity for current college students or recent graduates, in any field, please email us to let us know about it so we can share it with our intern community. You might even consider having one of our former interns work for you this summer!
Want to make a difference?
The ongoing success of the internship program has been made possible largely by the Zoom house parties we've been organizing (more than 50 since Spring 2021!) Thank you to our AMAZING house party hosts for pulling their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and families together to educate people about the program and how they can engage in its on-going growth and success. To learn more about hosting or co-hosting a virtual party, please email Deb Wachspress, Development Director, at deb@studentsforjusticevote.org.

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