TOU's 2019 Summer Internship:
Applications Due by February 15!

2018 Summer Interns

A 4 1/2-week Intensive Internship for Students Ages 18-22

Since 2005, the Temple of Understanding has implemented its commitment to education of youth by hosting a  Summer Student Internship Program .  

The student interns attend open meetings of the United Nations Security Council, the General Assembly, and various committees. It is our hope that this program launches their careers as global citizens who care about the humanitarian goals embraced by the UN. Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to meet with different Missions and NGOs, pursue independent research, learn about different religions through visiting their houses of worship, and participate in community volunteer work. Applicants must be 18 years old by June 15, 2019.

The dates for the 2019 internship are  June 27-July 26. Applications are due by February 15, 2019.

Please forward this notice to interested young people!
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World Interfaith Harmony Week in NYC:
Concert and Religious NGOs Panel 
An Interactive Concert & Broadcast

Saturday, February 2, 3:00pm - 6:30pm
The United Palace, 4140 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City

World Harmony Week and
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A Panel by the Committee of of Religious NGOs

Tuesday, February 4, 9:30am-12:45pm
2nd Floor of the Church Center for the UN
777 UN Plaza, NYC

Followed by an interfaith service from
3:00-5:00pm in the Chapel

Please join us!
TOU UN Rep Grove Harris
Published in The Interfaith Observer
Beyond "Sustainability": Nourishment for Moving Forward

Excerpted from Grove's article in the December issue:

I attended the 2012 UN convening in Rio de Janeiro where Dr. Shiva spoke for the Temple of Understanding for the first time, beginning a trajectory of work with the faith community.  I was on a panel myself and remember a young colleague's point that all our talk of sustainability was off the mark. Sustainability is a concept to consider, set up standards to measure by, or maybe a societal goal to attain. But she reminded us that it is more useful to focus on what more viscerally sustains us. We cannot think our way into the future we need, but we can feel and embody that pathway. For this we need to attend not only to what sustains us, but what nourishes us. I'm told this is a feature of love; love is nourishing. Good company, good food, and hope are all nourishing. Good speakers, and seeing new possibilities are nourishing. Guidelines that support our intuition and our hearts are nourishing.
CSW63: 2019 UN Commission
on the Status of Women

The 63rd session of the  Commission on the Status of Women  will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from March 11-22, 2019.

The Temple of Understanding is preparing a panel entitled " Systemic Commitment Towards Peace, Justice and Transformation," to be held on March 12 at 10:30am. 

I nvited speakers include Puerto Rican women working towards a citizen's audit of the debt, a minister working on ratification of CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) in the United States, an interfaith leader engaging in political activism, and a former guerrilla now grandmother speaking on personal practices of peace.  This interactive panel will focus on pragmatic aspects of women's empowerment and sustainable development.  All aim to equip communities and individuals to create justice and transformation, with a focus on gender justice.

Check out our website in February for full descriptions!
Petition: Food (In)Security in Brazil
For the Right to Adequate Food

In light of the Temple's efforts towards food sovereignty, we bring your attention to events in Brazil. 

The Brazilian Council for Food and Nutrition Security (CONSEA) was abolished by the new president. There is a petition in defense of CONSEA, available on the Fian International website, at the link below. Please consider signing and sharing with  your contacts and networks.

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