Dog Spotlight—Meet Ruben

From Ruben:  Ladies, Hey Ladies—Ruben is in the house! I bet you can’t believe it, here I am, ending my career of being a ladies man. It was time, though. I am tired and I am ready to be someone’s snuggle buddy! I am 5 years old and just about perfect if I say so myself! I am a perfect size, not too big, not too small. I love to walk when it’s cool and I love to play in a kiddie pool.  I love other dogs, not just the ladies. I don’t know much about kids because I didn’t live with them. So, really that’s all about me, Ruben, except I am as cute as can be!

From His Foster Parents:  O’boy… with a sweet face like his, you can almost forgive Ruben for anything! We know Ruben is an incredibly loving Bulldog. He enjoyed spending time leaning on my leg, looking up at me with his sweet kissable face, while I worked on the computer this past weekend.

I needed to help him shed his old winter hair, so I used the FURminator. As I was furminating Ruben, he slowly started to get sleepy. He couldn’t keep still and then he slowly started sliding down … until he just fell asleep and then he woke up with a look of, “What just happened?”

He is very sociable and loves hanging on the couch with his humans! He does fine with other dogs and will play with my French Bulldog. He is not a fan of the kennel and has some separation anxiety. We have to put him in the laundry room if we leave him and he barks, so hopefully that will diminish once he feels more secure. He is a big lover and is so snuggly and sweet!

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