School is officially OUT and summer vacation has started! That means fun in the sun, beach vacations, and dental appointments...yes, thats right! :)

We want to let you know that we appreciate your support. Thank you for trusting us with your family's smiles. Thank you for all of your referrals; we consider them the highest compliment of all. 

We welcome new patients so please let your colleagues, friends and family know. Don't keep us a secret.

Dr. Ushma Patel, Dr. Brittany Corbett, and Team
The Dental Download with Kellie...

The kids are on summer break and that means summer snacking! Its important to know what to stay away from this summer in order to avoid a possible dental emergency....

-Sticky candies and sweets: 
If you eat sweets, go for those that clear out of your mouth quickly. So thumbs down for lollipops, caramels, and cough drops that have refined sugar.

-Starchy foods that can get stuck in your mouth
Soft breads and potato chips, for instance, can get trapped between your teeth. 

-Carbonated soft drinks
These drinks are the leading source of added sugar among kids and teens. They are loaded with sugar. And most soft drinks have phosphoric and citric acids that wear away tooth enamel.
Substances that dry out your mouth. These include alcohol and many medicines. If medicines are the cause, talk with us about getting a fluoride rinse, or a fluoride gel for brushing your teeth.

Your Trusted Dental Hygienist,
Why Go to the Dentist During the Summer?

There are a number of reasons why someone might prefer to visit the dentist during the summer months, including: 

1. Convenience:
During the summer, busy schedules tend to lighten up. Because kids are out of school, it’s much easier for parents to make appointments that fit their schedules. Summer also provides a nice window where parents can schedule dental appointments before the pre-school rush of August and September.
2. Less disruptive:
Because it can come with considerable recovery time, dentistry can be especially disruptive during the winter months when young people maintain very busy schedules. Summer is a great time for high school and college students to get their dental check up. This allows them not having to worry about falling behind in school due to missed classes.
3. More time to adjust:
The start of summer is also a great time for kids to get braces or clean aligners, since they have an opportunity to cope with physical and aesthetic changes. Many times, kids may need time to adjust to the feel and appearance of braces. Summer gives them a chance to do that before being thrust back into a school environment.
4. More value:
Since most insurance benefits dont roll over at the beginning of the year, it’s important to take advantage of your benefits before they expire. So, the summer is a great time to maximize your dental benefits. Summer provides an excellent opportunity to do this, so you won’t have to worry losing them at the end of the year.
5. A brighter smile:
A popular time for barbecues, weddings, vacations and other social engagements, summer puts the spotlight on your smile. Professional whitening treatments can help you put your best foot forward by giving you brighter, whiter teeth. Since some people require multiple treatments, it’s generally best to schedule a whitening consultation during the earliest part of the summer, so you can get the smile you want in time for your summer activities and events.
Our Latest Contest Winners....

Congratulations To Our Mother's Day Winner, Mike C.

He entered his wife into the contest and told us about her constant support and endless hard work as a mother and wife. We hope she enjoys her
$100 Gift Certificate to The Melting Pot!
We can't forget about a little winners....

Congratulations Meghan F. for winning our Easter Kids Contest.

She took home a basket filled with treats and a Coldstone Gift Card!

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Beyond 3 referrals you will be treated to dinner for 2 at an upscale restaurant for each referral. In addition you will enjoy VIP Status benefits that will give you 15% off products and services for one full year. To keep VIP status, you must send us at least 3 referrals that becomes patients each year. 

You will also be entered into the drawing for a Yeti Hopper Cooler just in time for summer! Drawing held June 2019.

We'd like to share a big THANK YOU with all of our patients for passing along the word about us to your friends, families, and colleagues year after year. You're part of the reason we're able to keep doing what we love to do...."Creating beautiful, healthy smiles to last a lifetime!!!" 

Many people come to us seeking treatment based on recommendations from people like you, who know us and trust us after enjoying positive experiences with our office and our treatment. All health care professionals depend on the confidence their patients; referrals are the best illustration of our patients' satisfaction with our work. 

THANK YOU for your continued support. We really appreciate it! 

Dr. Ushma Patel, Dr. Brittany Corbett, & Team