The Big Kids on the Go Blue created a mural depicted what summer reminds them of.

Creating Murals Creates Community
by Carla Goldberg
Preschool Director
What an incredible summer we have had at Akiba! Every day was filled with joy and adventure. Our deep dive into murals and Chicago Street Art was a huge success! All of the classes created spectacular murals using different techniques and media. 

The summer's biggest takeaway was that, to create a mural, you need to work as a team and collaborate. Children learned to work alongside their friends to paint, draw, make a mono print and employ so many more techniques. Walking into Loeb Hall for our Akiba Summer Art Gallery Opening on Thursday, July 25, this awesome community effort was evident in the children's work. The gallery really made all of this summer's learning happening visible for everyone to see. 

Our gallery opening on July 25 was a great showcase of all the preschoolers' amazing collaborative art work.

We are so proud of how much our children learned and explored this summer around the study of murals. Please check out our blog for more on this summer's murals and their creation.

One of the highlights was a mural-making day with a local artist, Doug. With him, the children painted on giant wood panels; each class creating a different scene. It was striking how differently each group approached these enormous panels of wood. Some classes abandoned the brushes and tools, and instead used their hands and arms to paint the giant surfaces. The Purple Big Kids on the Go used small brushes to paint their own portions of the large mural. The Blue Big Kids On the Go actually painted in absolute silence. I have never witnessed a group of children focus like that for such a long period of time! We can't wait to show you the children's work on this giant project. The boards will be displayed along the fence in the preschool playground soon!

Mural making with local artist Doug

Thank you again for sharing your children with us this summer at Akiba. The summer experience at Akiba is always unique, meaningful and so much fun for everyone. 

I am ending my summer with a trip to China, where I will be teaching a course on Building Community and Leadership in the preschool environment. It is the perfect topic to share after experiencing our community coming together to create these incredible works of art and then celebrating the children behind the masterpieces.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Maddie gets her hands into the paint in the Purple Room.
The Little Explorers in the Purple Room created this Secret Message Mural. If you look closely, you can see the white marks under the colorful paint. To create this mural, the children first drew with white crayon on white paper. The next day they painted with liquid water colors using bristle-like brushes. The kids did a great job covering the entire piece to reveal the secret message.
Working with brushes in Parent/Tot

Our study of murals included taking a look at all the amazing murals in our neighborhood Hyde Park. Here the Big Guys on the Go Purple took a field trip study the art in the 55th Street underpass.

Chugim in the Afternoon                
Storytelling and Illustration Chug

The Storytelling Chug did yoga at the park and acted out a folk tale using yoga poses.

Master Chef Chug   
Oliver's mom Caroline made humus with the Master Chefs.

Gardening Chug   
The sunflowers the Gardening Chug kids planted earlier this summer are growing!

Summer Fun                
Summer at Akiba also means some good old-fashioned summer fun like going to 63rd Street Beach!

In Memoriam

It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news of the passing of our dear former colleague and friend Melissa Pariser. Melissa taught in our preschool from 2010-2016 and touched the hearts of many colleagues, parents and certainly students. Sadly she had been battling cancer for the past two years and  passed away on July 17, 2019 at the age of 32. She i s survived by her loving husband Dr. Joseph Pariser, her children Aria and Sydney, ages 2 and 1, parents Zippora and Carla Zimmerman, parents in-law Dr. Benjamin (Melanie) Pariser and Ishworee Pariser, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Prior to her passing, Melissa requested that any donations in her memory be split between her children's college funds: 

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