Summer Landscape Maintenance Tips
A bug & disease free yard is a happy yard...

If you notice:

  • uniform patchy brown spots on your lawn, you may have damage from disease and/or insects
  • brown leaves, holes in the foliage & a black residue, you most likely have an insect infestation on your plants
  • Black residue on your Crepe Mrytles or Magnolias, they may be getting too much water & not enough drainage
For your Lawn: have it treated with a fertilizer plus insecticide & a fungicide program
For your Trees & Shrubs: have them treated with a liquid insecticide sprayed on the foliage

Clear out the old & maintain a fresh look with a mid-summer prune...
Pruning Helps:
  • eliminate dead wood
  • improve access to sidewalks, doors or hose bibs
  • revitalize flowering plants & give new shape to overgrown shrubs
  • prevent heavy or crossed branches from becoming a hazard

Proper summer watering & fertilization keeps your lawn & garden looking great all summer long...
Watering in summertime:
  • water is vital to a healthy lawn & garden in hot months
  • we recommend watering each lawn zone for 30 minutes every other morning
  • if you don't have a sprinkler system & your lawn is going dormant don't be alarmed. It is natural for lawns to lay dormant in hot months; your lawn is not dead! It just needs water!
Lawn Fertilization: regular fertilization of your lawn keeps it green & lush

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