How to Make Waves with Your Summer Marketing Strategy

What does summertime fun have in common with a smart marketing campaign?

They both involve making waves.

On one hand, you can define “making waves” as stirring up interest, being memorable, and having a big impact on your audience. We’re big fans of making waves with your messaging, design, and overall promotional approach. 

But in a more strategic sense, your marketing campaigns should also be delivered in waves.

This is also often referred to as “iterative marketing.” Marketing in iterations might be: sending out one version of an email, gathering results, making changes, and then sending out an enhanced version the following week. Every new iteration rolls (wave-like) into your ultimate strategy. Meanwhile, every step in the plan remains fluid. 

Why choose this structure? It allows you to move quickly, make corrective changes, and get the best results without putting all of your time and energy into the planning stages. You can start getting important feedback and data, as well as driving revenue, right away—instead of trying to launch a more perfect campaign in the distant future.

Summer can be slow for many companies and industries, so it’s a great time for experimentation in the marketing arena. When things pick up in the fall, you’ll be able to move forward quickly with the insights you gained in the first iterations of your campaign.

Regardless if you’re taking risks, making noise, or just having fun while flexing your creative muscles, we hope you’ll embrace this as the season to make some waves!

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It's been a long time coming but we are proud to announce the official relaunch of the Palm Beach County Medical Society Project Access website! Project Access has been upholding PBCMS’s vision for a healthier Palm Beach County since 2005. With the help of hundreds of dedicated HEROES who have donated their time and talent, Project Access is able to help local residents overcome social and economic barriers in order to access screenings, referrals, resources, and medical care. Be sure to check out their website here!

There's never a boring day on the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi! Mad 4 Marketing and Water Taxi had a magical time hosting a tour for the promo of Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie! Onboard passengers enjoyed popcorn & refreshments, while listening to a Jungle Cruise inspired narration of the history of the waterway & all the different stops. Be sure to get your tickets if you haven't already done so!
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Mad 4 Marketing is proud to welcome Duffey Anderson as our new Social Media Manager! Duffey is a graduate from the University of Florida where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations. When she's not learning about the newest trends on social media, Duffey likes to spend her time staying up to date on fashion industry trends and discovering new restaurants in the South Florida area. Welcome to the Mad 4 Marketing team Duffey!
We are thrilled to welcome our newest Account Manager Monica Moreno! Monica comes to Mad 4 Marketing with a vast range of experience in healthcare marketing. She is no stranger to the agency life and is skilled in both traditional and digital marketing. Monica is a proud mother of two children and enjoys cooking, exercising, and being with her family in her spare time. We are incredibly happy to have Monica as a part of the Mad 4 Marketing family!
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