2019 Summer Math IXL Challenge
The St. Peter Summer Math IXL Challenge for 2019 is now live! Which class will log the most hours up until the start of the coming school year (September 4th 11:59 PM)? Which students will master the most skills? Which individual students will log the most hours? Who are the tried and true Math warriors of St. Peter???
What are our goals?
Each student should try to log 6 hours of practice between now and the start of the school next school year. Hours logged should be at your concluding grade level or higher. For example, if you just finished 5th grade, you should work on 5th grade or higher skills.
The principal will award prizes to the top class in terms of hours logged. However, the top class must have at least 50% of its class reach the 6 hour goal . This means that 1 or 2 students cannot log all the hours!! It must be a team effort!!

The principal will also award top prizes to individual students for hours logged AND skills mastered at concluding grade level or higher.
How do I access Math IXL?
By now all students in rising grades 6-8 should know how to access Math IXL from the portal in Google Classroom. Alternatively, you can click the link to the right to go directly to the St. Peter School link for Math IXL. Please note that in order to log in you must use our school specific link.
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