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Read up on the ISCA Senior Blast, the Summer Elite Showcase and a special offer for ebooks by Dr. Ernie Maglischo in advance of his one-day seminar on May 19 in Chicago to start the 41st Annual Central States Clinic.

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ISCA will host 850 Swimmers in July at the North Shore Aquatic Complex in St. Petersburg, FL. More than 300 SWIMMERS are PRE COMMITED!

We NEED YOUR TEAM to make it a


Get your OLYMPIC TRIAL CUTS out of the way so you can focus on swimming fast at TRIALS and not have to worry about having to make your cuts later.

The Senior Blast offers three heats in finals for the 16 & Unders in all events of 200m and less / two heats in events in 400m or more. Plus, three heats swim in the Senior Championship finals, same as 16 & under. Most events feature 6 heats in PM finals.


Senior Blast qualifying times are such that you can bring the majority of your senior team so some swimmers don't have to be left behind. Coach can get everything you need in ONE MEET!

AUGUST 2ND-5TH, 2023



Time to make your



This is the third year for the age group Summer Elite Showcase. In 2022, nearly 500 swimmers participated, and the 2023 prediction calls for 850.

Most teams finish the meet and then take their swimmers to the beach to spend a day, WHAT A WAY TO END AN EVENT and THE LONG COURSE SEASON with FAST SWIMMING AND FUN!

This ISCA Summer Elite Showcase is August 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2023. ISCA would LOVE to have YOUR TEAM participate, but PLEASE SIGN UP so you don't miss the FUN and FAST SWIMMING in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.

Meet Info PDF for Summer Elite Showcase
Buy Dr. Maglischo's 2 Ebooks and an ISCA Annual Membership for only $100

When Dr. Maglischo's newest text books came out from Nova Publishers, the price for each hardcover book was $275. The Primer for Swimming Coaches, Volume 1 is Physiological Foundations, Volume 2, with another 426 pages is Biomechanical Foundations. They were worth the investment, even at those prices.

Now, consider this offer and a new, special deal. Get both ebooks in PDF format bundled with an ISCA Membership, for only $100.

This offer expires on June 1, 2023. After that date, the ISCA Membership and the access to the Global Library is taken away from the offer. ISCA membership has a normal, $75 price.

Furthermore, Dr. Maglischo is doing a one-day seminar on Friday, May 19, 2023, in advance of the 41st annual Central States Clinic, $99. Get the ebooks now. Read up before the clinic and bring your questions. Or, once you hear from him at the clinic, you'll want to promptly buy the ebooks.

You can spend $100 and obtain copies of his brilliant, in-depth, ebooks and get more resources as an ISCA Member.


Come to Chicago for the Central States Clinic on Friday, pay an extra $99, and soak up the day-long presentation from Ernie himself.

or, do both.

Get Dr. Maglischo's 2 Ebooks and an ISCA Annual Membership for only $100

Two ebooks, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

ISCA Annual Membership, $75, grants you access to the Global Library for ISCA Members at Read.SwimISCA.org.

The Methodology for Balanced Training

Fri. May 19, 2023, 9 am - 5 pm

($99 with clinic registration/$149 without)

Spend the day with Ernie Maglischo, PhD.

Ernie is well known and respected for his scientific research as it applies to the sport of swimming. The basis of the class is training for optimal performance. Through the study of molecular biology one can explain some of the “mysteries” of training. For example, why do some athletes work harder and swim slower, why do they train for one stroke or distance and improve only in other strokes and distances. Is it best to do land training before or after swim training? Is there a value to what we have, in the past, called garbage yards. How will training cause athletes to improve their times or become overtrained?

Ernie will also cover the following:

1. Understanding the proper use of energy zones

2. The periodization of a season

3. What is cycle training & how to apply it to workouts

4. The Proper Balance of anaerobic & aerobic training

Register for the Central States Clinic at SwimClinic.com
Central and Eastern States Swim
Purchase Dr. Maglischo's 2 Ebooks and an ISCA Annual Membership for a $100 investment
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Last Reminder for USA Swimmers to compete in Brazil in August

The deadline is here for putting in your name to swim with a team from USA in Brazil in August 2023.

See the SwimISCA site.