In This Email:

  • Family Classroom Visit Schedule
  • Final Arrival & Dismissal Schedules: Note NEW arrival schedule for South Campus.

  • 8/27 Town Hall will be with the COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee
  • Due 8/28: Medical Forms
  • PAST DUE: Tell Us about Your Child Questionnaire
  • Community Commitment

Just making sure you realized...
  • Gan students are required to wear masks.
  • Last dismissal on Fridays is 2PM not 1:30PM.
  • All Reopening Plan communications and links are available here
Family Visits
Family Visits (In Person and Zoomer Students): Students in all grades will visit their classrooms on either Wednesday, September 2 or Thursday, September 3. The schedule for family visits is available here, if you have any questions please contact
Final Arrival & Dismissal Schedule
Thank you for completing the Arrival and Dismissal Sign Up Form. We have had to make some changes to arrival at the South Campus (grades Gan-1)
Thursday 8/27 Parent Town Hall @8pm
Join us for a town hall with our COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee, including Dr. Vicki Bengualid, Dr. Lisa Minsky-Primus, and Dr. Michael Yaker.
Medical Forms
Email to by August 28, 2020.
Tell Us about Your Child Survey
What to Expect:
Summer Communication & Events
Week of August 24:
  • COVID Medical Advisory Committee Parent Town Hall #3: Thursday Evening, August 27 @ 8:00PM

Week of August 31:
  • Virtual Class Orientations for All Grades:
  • Tuesday, September 1 - All classes will have an online orientation over Zoom with their teachers on at the following times:
  • 9:00-9:30AM: Gan Kachol and Gan Sagol
  • 9:30-10:00AM: Garinim (K), Shorashim (1), Shtillim (2), Anafim (3), and Alim (4)
  • 10:00-10:30AM: Nitzanim (5)
  • 10:30-11:00AM: Prachim (6) and Rimonim (7) 
  • Scheduled Family Classroom Visits:
  • Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 3 between 8:30AM- 1:00PM.
  • Class Meet-Ups for Gan & Garinim:
  • Thursday, September 3 in Central Park (location TBD). If it is raining on Thursday, classes will be meeting on Friday, September 4 with the same times:
  • Gan Kachol: 9:00-9:30AM
  • Gan Sagol: 9:30-10:00AM
  • Garinim: 10:00-10:30AM

Week of September 7:
  • First day of school is Tuesday, September 8 for all students!
  • See Reopening Plan for Staggered Start Schedule.

We will share OPT busing information as soon as we receive it.
Community Commitment
In order to ensure the health and wellness of the children and adults in our community, including those who are most vulnerable because of age or underlying conditions, we all need to commit to:

  1. Following state and local guidelines in place to minimize spread of COVID-19. Make sure your family members follow best practices for social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding large gatherings. Do not take unnecessary risks.
  2. Treating each other with generosity and the benefit of the doubt. If you are concerned about another community member’s actions, or about the school’s actions, raise this concern with the Head of School or the COO directly and quickly. Avoid the spread of gossip. When a community member contracts COVID-19, ask how you can help their family; do not blame or shame them.
  3. Remaining a united front. Our children need their adults, parents, teachers, administrators, to be on the same page and to convey that we are working together. Please reinforce school policies at home, even if you think that they are unnecessarily strict. Call us directly if you think that a policy is not strict enough, and please make sure not to share your critique with your children.