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Summer 2014
Chair's Message
photo Arnold Hanson
Arnold Hanson, BRAED Chair

hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine and scenery that Summer 2014 has brought to East Central Alberta!  From Camrose to Wainwright, Viking to Consort, Chauvin to Forestburg, the crops are blooming, RVs are on the road, and people are buzzing about summer holidays. 


At BRAED, however, we are hard at work setting the foundation for a number of projects that were announced at our Annual General Meeting held in Bruce, Alberta on June 25.  In addition to our commitment to better engage with communities this year, we will be focusing on a number of projects aimed at providing opportunities for economic development capacity building.


The Youth Engagement & Entrepreneurship Task Team has agreed to participate once again in our Economic Development Summer Internship Program, aimed at providing young people between the ages of 18 and 26 with meaningful work experience in an economic development setting.  Our member communities can apply for funding assistance to hire an intern that fits within the parameters of the program, offering increased human resources, and an opportunity to create a relationship with a young person that may return to the area to put down roots.  The interns are also asked to sit on at least one BRAED task team, giving them the chance to see what BRAED has to offer, and report back to their municipal councils as to the progress BRAED is making.  Applications for the 2015 Summer Internship are available now, and close on September 30, 2014.


The Marketing & Communications Task Team will be focused primarily on branding and widening the exposure of BRAED.  Our goal is to update our banners, work more diligently on bringing our website up to a high standard, and highlight our "You'd Love to Live Here, Too" tagline throughout.


The Business Investment, Attraction & Retention Task Team will be busy this year, focusing on a number of projects, including The Business Walk Program.  This program was launched in Canada by Invest Kelowna and the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, and has been an utter success.  Since 2012, the program has been growing and expanding, and has been cited by a number of economic development professionals as a best practice in business retention techniques.  To learn more about the program, click here.

The BRAED region will pilot this program in three of our communities, working with a number of volunteers from various business resource provider groups - such as Chambers of Commerce, Rural Alberta Business Centres, and Municipal Government - to provide on the ground support through a three-hour blitz of areas of the business community.  Our group will ask four simple questions to business owners: how is business; what do you like most about doing business in our region; what can be done to help you thrive; and, do you require a one-on-one meeting with a business resource provider?


Above I have briefly highlighted three of our upcoming projects, but there are plenty more upcoming, which can be reviewed in our 2014/15 Operations Plan.


Keep checking your e-mail and our social media outlets for updates on these projects, application forms, and news!


Best regards,

Arnold Hanson, Chair

Reeve, Beaver County


Annual General Meeting a Success!
The BRAED AGM was held in Bruce, Alberta on June 25, 2014.  Approximately 60 people from around the Region and beyond joined us for our most well attended AGM to date.  Our hosts at the Bruce Hotel, Deb and Karl Boyd astounded our guests with a fantastic steak lunch and experience in the small hamlet of approximately 70 people.


The day began with approval of a number of reports including the newly developed Strategic Plan (2014-17), the 2013-14 Annual Report, 2013-14 Financial Statement, and the 2014-15 Operations Plan.  After discussions, and questions answered, we approved all four reports.


Next, our Chair, Arnold Hanson began a roundtable discussion giving those in attendance the chance to introduce themselves and give a brief overview of why they decided to attend the AGM, and their thoughts on BRAED as an organization.  It was a very positive experience, and helped to establish BRAED's strengths and weaknesses. 


Our Keynote Speaker, The Honourable Doug Griffiths gave us an interesting and entertaining talk on his Thirteen Ways to Kill a Community Solid fact and interesting anecdotes rounded out the presentation, providing those listening with a foundation from which to think about community building.


The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor made a big announcement at the AGM, with Bud James, Chair, announcing a two-year secondment agreement with the Government of Alberta.  The agreement provides the EATC with an Executive Director for two years, with Elvira Smid fulfilling the role.


Michael Reeves, President of Ports to Plains gave a brief overview of our relationship with the US-based organization, and we made the announcement that the EATC is becoming a member of Ports to Plains.  This means that every BRAED member is also a part of Ports to Plains.  This is an exciting time for BRAED, with our exposure increasing into the United States and Mexico, and we look forward to opportunities that arise from this new partnership.


We also gave out three awards at the AGM.  First, we offered Deb and Karl Boyd of the Bruce Hotel with an Associate Membership.  Next, we presented two Chair's Member of the Year Awards to Bud James, Mayor of Killam, and Eric Jerrard, Mirror & District Community Development Corporation.  The Chair's Member of the Year Award recognizes a member's commitment to the BRAED organization and continued support of regional economic development.  Arnold Hanson, Chair, selected the recipients.


MP Benoit discusses Temporary Foreign Workers
In early June, Mr. Leon Benoit, Member of Parliament for Vegreville - Wainwright graciously met with a number of BRAED members and concerned business owners regarding the status of the suspended temporary foreign worker's program in the food services industry. 


Being in East Central Alberta, with a very low unemployment rate, along with low population rates, many of our businesses rely on foreign workers in order to survive and flourish.  With the announcement of the suspension, their concerns for the health of their businesses were enhanced.  Mr. Benoit provided us with an overview of the reasons behind the temporary suspension, the forecast of changes to the program, and how this might affect our Region.  We had a roundtable where he was able to answer questions posed by those in attendance, and listen to letters written by businesses.


We thank Mr. Benoit for his time, and for clarifying the decision made by the Federal Government.


BRAED Approved Strategic Plan, and Annual Operations Plan, and Annual Report Now Available


Click online for BRAED's

2013-14 Annual Report  and 

2014-15 Operations Plan 


For more information, or to see copies of these documents, please contact Shay Barker at


Regional Collaboration Grant Update
Since early March, BRAED has been working alongside Viking/Beaver FCSS, Tofield/Ryley/Beaver FCSS, the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, Beaver County, Tofield, Viking, Holden, and Ryley to submit a 
Regional Collaboration Grant to undertake a Youth Engagement Initiative.  


"If funded, the project will support the future direction of programming and initiatives that will engage and retain youth and economic and social capital in a rural setting.  To achieve this, we will hold a series of engagement, planning and asset mapping events to identify youth oriented resources, venues and opportunities.  These different forms of data collection will, in turn, support the development of a collaborative youth engagement strategy, implementation guide and evaluation framework that will structure future planning for youth across Beaver County." 

(Quotation taken from our Letter of Partnership)


If funded, and if execution is successful, this program can be used as a framework for other counties and regions, and we believe being a partner in this project will provide a foundation for BRAED to better assess the youth engagement issue in our Region.


The application was submitted in June, however, the Government of Alberta has changed the grant guidelines.  We are currently sitting in a queue awaiting the new guidelines to be released and our application to be reviewed under the new rules.


We are confident in our application, and are looking forward to the results of the process.
Company Profiles Part 4
In This Issue
Upcoming Events


Tuesday July 29 

BRAED Task Team Meetings, Town of Killam Office

BIA - 1:00 PM

Marketing - 2:00 PM


August 15

Outstanding Summer Economic Development Intern Scholarship Grant Program Deadline


September 25

BRAED Board Meeting, Camrose


September 25-27

Canadian Rural Revitalization Conference, 

Prince George BC


September 27-29

Economic Developers Association of Canada Annual Conference,



September 30

2015 Summer Economic Development Internship Application Deadline

October 7-9

Ports to Plains Annual Conference,

Del Rio, Texas


November TBA

2014 Annual Meet N' Greet Location TBA

Community Engagement


After a number of discussions with the Board, and between the Chair and the Executive Director, we will be undertaking community visits to those who request it, to introduce BRAED and its current business to municipal councils. 
Engagement with our councils has been something we see as very important and are prioritizing over the coming months. As our committees settle in, we are now able to dedicate time to get to know councils, CAOS and EDOs, as well as the economic development priorities of your communities. This will help BRAED provide more complementary services and also help us gather input to design new program and funding opportunities for our members. 
If you are interested in having Arnold and Shay travel to your community for a meeting, please e-mail Shay.


BRAED would like to welcome the new Executive Director of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor, Elvira Smid. 


Elvira is well established and understands the needs of Eastern Alberta, having started her career in the area, moving throughout South Eastern Alberta for much of her career.  She was previously a Manager of Palliser Economic Partnership, one of three Regional Economic Development Alliances that make up the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor. Most recently she was the Senior Director of the Regional Entrepreneurship Branch of Innovation & Advanced Education in the Southern Region. 


Elvira comes to the initiative through a secondment agreement with the Government of Alberta.  The agreement provides the EATC with Executive Director services for a term of two years. 


Her passion and expertise in business and investment development make her a welcomed asset to the Corridor, so on behalf of BRAED and its members and partners, we would like to congratulate Elvira on the new position.  Welcome to the family! 
membership fee increase

At our Annual General Meeting, the Board had discussions and voted to increase membership fees from 0.55/capita to 0.75/capita for the 2015-16 fiscal year.  This decision came due to our need to match the bottom line of $37,500 to receive the Government of Alberta - Innovation and Advanced Education operating grant of $75,000.  BRAED has been dipping into reserves to match these funds, as our population size and per capita did not meet the minimum matching amounts. With this increase in funds we will be more secure in our finances, and able to match the minimum in order to receive the full $75,000 operating funds.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fee increase, please contact Shay Barker at 780.226.9483. 

Recognizing our Industry 




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