Summer News

            We were recently blessed with a visit by Glenda Fuentes, one of our youth who is now studying at the University level. "Glendita," as she is affectionately referred to here, left Emmanuel approximately two months ago after receiving a scholarship to begin her pursuit of higher education. She now attends Leadership Center University in Zambrano, Honduras. She is involved in a three-year program, where she will study English and business. Glendita receives two weeks vacation every two months, when she will be able to make visits to her biological family in Cortez, Honduras, as well as to her family in Christ at Emmanuel. 

            Glendita says that she has faced many new challenges and misses her friends and family from Emmanuel, but she is getting accustomed to life outside and appreciates this great opportunity she has. Glendita says that she has learned a lot about managing money and general independence at her new school.

            As she thinks of the future, Glendita would like to eventually open up her own business, perhaps a restaurant or bakery. For now, she continues to work hard and is excited to see what the future will bring. 

New Arrivals

            We have received several new children here at Emmanuel over the last few months, including two young mothers and their babies. Seyli is 12 years old and has a 10 month old son, Angel. 15 year old Fany also recently arrived with her 1 year old son, Javier. All four new children are living in the Infant House.

            The girls and their babies are adapting well to their new environment. According to their 'house mother' they are great helpers and are progressing in their abilities to care for their children.
Community Fellowship

           Working together as the body of Christ, Emmanuel strives to promote a healthy community among our staff members and volunteers.

           We had the opportunity to participate in several workshops taught by groups and individuals from outside of Emmanuel. A local doctor taught a First Aid workshop to staff members to make them more aware of what to do in emergency situations.
            Operation Mobilization, a Christian service organization, also made a visit to Emmanuel. They spoke with our youth about important topics, such as Biblical principles in dating and marriage. Operation Mobilization also provided a workshop for staff members, where they learned about child development and how to have Christ-like attitudes within ministry.

            We celebrated the 4th of July together with a delicious, American meal of hamburgers and hotdogs and plenty of fireworks. 

            In addition, within the next couple of weeks, our high school students will also be receiving a two-day seminar on how to develop effective study habits, hoping that this will encourage youth to have more self discipline in their educational pursuits.
            All of these opportunities help the staff to be more effective for the gospel while enhancing fellowship between Emmanuel and the Honduran community.

New Growth in Teams

            The Lord has continued to be faithful over the years through His provision of teams, volunteers, and donations.

            This year we have received several first-time visitors, including Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida,) Indian Rocks Christian School (Largo, Florida,) First Southern Church (Terre Haute, Indiana,) and First Baptist Covington (Covington, George.) We are so appreciative of all the great work they have been doing around Emmanuel and all of the love and support they provide for the children here.     

Beautiful Change
          Our visitors' area now includes a beautiful mural, a project led by Lori Baker. The small girls' house is also in the process of receiving some interior decorating through the help of a team from Grace Baptist church in Alberta, Canada and other various donations.

            As our transition program progresses, we continue to provide our youth with more resources and training to help prepare them for life outside of Emmanuel.

            A group of psychologists from UNAH came to give personality and aptitude tests to our youth. The results of these tests will assist our youth in making realistic goals regarding their education and career paths.
             Through a partnership with Red Viva Honduras, two of our youth are now involved in a two-month internship in Tegucigalpa. Selvin and Ana are working at a Bank where they will gain real-world work experience. They will be living with missionary friends in the capital and be able to experience independent life, as they cook, work, and manage transportation for themselves. 

Many Thanks
Thank you to all of our sponsors, friends, and supporters. We greatly appreciate your dedication to the well being of the children here at Orphanage Emmanuel. We certainly know that without your love and faithful action, the beautiful place we call Emmanuel would look and be very different!

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