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Celebrating Our Awesome Volunteers!

"The most truly generous persons are those who give
silently without hope of praise or reward." - Carol Ryrie Brink

This month, we're celebrating our clinic volunteers, without whom the clinic couldn't f unction. Our heartfelt appreciation to Susan, Sharon, Judy, Lexie, Nancy, Jan, Tim,  Barb, Missy, Amy, Emma, and Madeleine. Thank you for the kindness and compassion  you show our clients and their pets.  
2019 Volunteer Milestones:
  Jan and Missy: 1,000 hours
  Barb: 750 hours
  Tim and Emma: 500 hours
  Nancy: 100 hours

Does Your Pet Freak Out at  
Fireworks or Thunderstorms? 
Calming Tips from Dr. K

Dr. Dianne Krumanaker practices at Montgomery Animal Hospital and volunteers at PIN twice a month

Summer's in full swing and with it come thunderstorms and fireworks. Both can be stressful-even dangerous-for pets! Recently, Dr. K gave some great tips to viewers on the FOX 19 Morning Show on ways to calm an anxious pet.

Client Spotlight: Joyce & Snowy Biscuit

We love getting to know our clients - and this pet family has especially endeared themselves to us.   Joyce is 86-years-young and in her career days was as an interpreter, translating in seven different languages.   Today, she's joined at the hip  with  her 15-year-old faithful  companion, Snowy Biscuit.   Joyce says "h e keeps me going--he's my life!"  

Recently, Snowy B. was suffering from chronic urinary tract issues. Joyce took him to a local vet clinic, but didn't have the $300 quoted for diagnostic testing. Luckily, another client there overhead her conversation about lack of finances and encouraged her to contact us. 

Joyce enrolled Snowy B. at PIN, and he's now under the care of our veterinarians and staff. Unfortunately, an ultrasound revealed cancer--and the prognosis isn't good. PIN will provide palliative care to maintain a good quality of life for Snowy B. as long as possible. And, we'll be there  for them both through the final goodbye. 

At PIN, our commitment is to both to pets  and  their   people.  Joyce is grateful she found us. And so are we.
Every Little Bit Helps!

A small monthly donation has the the same impact a
s a larger, one-time gift

$5.00 a month for a year ($60) will provide 20 rabies vaccines  
$8.50 a month for a year ($100) will provide one dental procedure
$10.00 a month for a year ($120) will provide an ultrasound examination
$25.00 a month for a year ($300) will provide 6 x-ray examinations

It's simple to set up a recurring donation via our secure
online donation formYou'll specify the 
number of months and a monthly donation amount. Your credit
card will be automatically charged
on the same day each month. At the end 
of the year,  you'll receive a recap for tax-purposes.

The NY Cat & Dog Film Festivals 
At the  Esquire Theatre Starts this Sunday!

Sunday, June 23, 2 - 4 pm: The NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL
Sunday, June 30, 2 - 4 pm: The NY DOG FILM FESTIVAL

Honoring cats and dogs through a series of curated short films. Inspiring, educational, and fun! Tickets are $10 each date. A portion of the proceeds will benefit PIN.

Click HERE for details. Film summaries are on the ticket links below the trailers.  

Captured at the Clinic