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Heaven is a little bit closer in the Mountains!

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July - August

Upcoming Community Events 


Slash & Trash

For CLCC Homeowners Only 

You must bring your owner's badge!

Saturday July 16th, 8am - 4pm

Sunday July 17th, 8am - 2pm 

We Need Volunteers!

                 To make this community program happen, this requires volunteers.

 Sign up here!

Make sure you deliver to the proper location:

  • Clubhouse
  • Dumpsters for trash
  • Dumpsters for metal recycling
  • Area for electronic items to be dropped off
  • Area for Snowmobiles/ATV’s
  • Area for “give and take”
  • Horse pasture
  • Area for slash to be collected
  • Area for firewood
  • Dumpster for construction material (plywood, lumber)

Additional Information:

  • We will be chipping the slash up at a later day with some assistance from the GL Fire Department, we will still require volunteers for this, more information to come when dates are scheduled.
  • Once the slash is chipped we will have mulch available at the maintenance shop at no charge and encourage all owners to use it on their properties as needed.
  • You are required to handle your own items unloading and placing them in the appropriate place, if you can help other neighbors handle their items please do so.
  • There will be an area for the give and take – please only drop off usable goods – if they are broken or not working please throw in the roll-offs. If you are giving away items please bring them on Saturday so other owners can take them by Sunday afternoon
  • If you just have household trash place it in the compactor as usual.
  • We will have a frontend loader to assist with larger items
  • Weed info and spray will be available at the clubhouse
  • Boat stickers will also be available
  • Volunteers are NOT required to help throw your stuff away but can if they are physically able.
  • NO batteries, paint, tires or chemicals allowed!

        Bring exact Cash or Check payable to Columbine Lake

       Country Club For Disposal of Items Listed Below: 

TV/Monitor less than 48”: ... $30 Each

TV/Monitor greater than 48”:... $40 Each

Refrigerator/Freezer: ... $100 Each (regardless of size) 

Dish washer, washer, dryer, oven, microwave: ... $50 Each

Computers: ... $30 Each

Snowmobiles/ATV’s: ... $100 Each

Mattress: ...  $30 each (regardless of size)

Couches/recliners: ... $50 each (regardless of size)


Remember to thank our volunteers who make this event possible!


Saturday, July 30th - Ashton Lee Band Concert & Happy Hour at the Gazebo @ 6:00pm 

Enjoy live music of Ashton Lee Band and meet your neighbors while taking in the mountain air. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided. 

About the band:

Born into a family of Bluegrass musicians, being a guitarist is literally in Ashton Lee's blood. By age 9 he was playing big stages with big acts, and he has continued to pursue a career under the lights ever since. Throughout his early years, Ashton gradually broadened his horizons to Folk, Country, and Classic Rock- and eventually Jazz in order to attend Appalachian State University to earn a music degree. 

While in college, Ashton played frequently around the Southeast and beyond with his former band Hidden Still. His Jazz education gave way to a love of Blues, R&B, Funk, and Fusion that would heavily influence his musicianship from then on. 

Ashton moved to Nashville after school where he worked full-time as a performing artist, sideman, and studio musician. During this period he recorded and released his first solo EP, Good Kind Of Trouble. 

Feeling that Nashville was not the right environment to create the music and career he envisioned, Ashton relocated to Denver, Colorado. Ashton has spent recent years performing frequently throughout the Mountain West, developing his artistry and guitar playing into a unique sound inspired by his broad influences. He is currently promoting his latest album From A Different Holler.

Saturday, August 6th - Columbine Lake Open Mic Night & Potluck at the Gazebo @ 6pm

Do you play a musical instrument or sing? How about a favorite poem, story or comedy routine? Just old fashion fun, no judging, come on out and share with your friends and neighbors. Bring a dish or dessert to share for the potluck. Alcoholic & non- alcoholic drinks provided.  Memories are made in the mountains.

Saturday, August 20th - Columbine Lake Field Day at the Office Beach @2pm

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of outdoor games including a potato-sack race, three- legged race, and more nostalgic yard fun. Fried chicken and all the fixings to follow. 

RSVP required: email - rafclcchoaboard@gmail.com By August 13th to reserve your spot for the fun.

Maintaining Your Home!

Summer is here! We have a short window of time to pay attention to our beautiful community and homes to get those tasks and repairs completed before the good weather disappears. We want to remind you that maintenance of your home helps the value of not only your home but of your neighbors and whole community. Please know that peeling and fading paint, detritus and old building materials in yards, collapsing fences, metal roofs that require paint or simply clean-up is all part of making our property look great. Those of you that have docks that need attention or to come into compliance should also take heed. Please look at Article VIII of our Owners Regulations. Permits are required for most projects. Fines are in place for owners who do not maintain their homes so please consult the website or contact the office if you have questions.

Fire Fund Contributes to CLCC

Another very heartfelt thank you to our homeowners and friends and family for contributing to the Go Fund Me CLCC Fire Fund. As you know 4 volunteer homeowners, Jana Miller, Brian Owens, Liza Eilers and Rob Shamo set up and organized the fund with the intention of helping CLCC get back on its feet with supporting infrastructure needs as a result of the fire. Shout out to our neighbors for their help-thank you! We lost our maintenance shed with all of our equipment, tools, bobcat, trailers…..and more in the fire. The cost of building is expensive and the Fire Fund paid for insulation of the new shed so our staff could work on projects inside in winter months. Please come visit the shed next to the horse pasture when you are around this summer! The Fund also paid for new tools and equipment to sustain our community and planted grasses and a mature tree near the office. We have closed out the fund and appreciate you owners who really stepped up to the plate to get our community back in functioning order! 

Deadline to Remove Dead Trees Is September 15th!

Now is the time for you to assess your trees.  PLEASE do so by September 15th, 2022.  Mitigation of trees in our community not only helps lower our fire risk, but also lowers the risk of property damage that can result due to our increased moisture and high winds.  Dry pine needles can catch fire with just one spark, then igniting the dry wood of the tree which still contains sap and very little creosote which means it burns hot and fast.

Owner Regulations: Article XXIII cite there will be a fine issued on 9/15/2022 of $500 - Class 1 Violation, if you do not remove diseased, downed or dead trees.  A volunteer homeowner group has identified a list of properties that have trees in need of mitigation or removal that our HOA will be following up on.  PLEASE ACT NOW.  The link below is our contractor list which includes tree removal companies that can help you out.

Local Contractors

dead pine tree
dead pine

The Secret of 


is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.



Property Management Software

Coming Soon!

We are now using five different software programs for our association needs. This can be messy for us and confusing for our homeowners. Soon there will be one. We hope to be live in August. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to set up your portal.

Once your in the system, it will be convenient for you to:

  • Download the mobile app for real time alerts and a calendar of events.
  • Send yourself alerts, so you don't forget an important date.
  • Update your contact information in an instant.
  • Set up your secure Auto Payment by   e-Check or credit card to avoid lost checks and late fees.
  • Submit ARC permits from your phone.
  • Easy access to shared association documents.

Please watch for the email and set up your portal right away. Link below provides more information about the advantages of our new "all in one" program.

AppFolio for the homeowner.

Labor Day Weekend Festivities


Saturday September 3rd - Labor Day Regatta at the Office Beach @10am 

Let's close out the summer with our Labor Day Regatta! Bring your watercraft for a race across the lake and back. Spectators welcome! Separate races according to age group and watercraft. Weather permitting.


Sunday, September 4th - Our Annual Pancake Breakfast outside the CL Office@ 9am

You won't want to miss our legendary Pancake Breakfast!   We will be serving up Bloody Mary's and Mimosas along with our secret recipe pancakes. 


Please Remember, be kind, leave some space. 

While spending time at the clubhouse and other common spaces within our community, we need to use good judgment when parking our vehicles.

Grand County Chipping Dates

Our county offers free slash chipping. Team up with a neighbor and help keep your property free of debris.

 July 30 Grand Lake (12669 Highway 34) Across from Trail Ridge Marina

 Aug 20 Granby (60500 US-40) At Grand Fire

Click the link below for details: 

Be Wild Fire Ready

oxi dasy

We all know what the Canadian Thistle looks like.  But the Oxeye Daisy is often mistaken for a wild flower, and is the most common noxious weed in our community. The difference is the" dill like" shaped leaves. Make no mistake, if left untreated it will overtake most of our native vegetation leaving the animals very little to eat. 

Why we need to control our noxious weeds. 

Noxious weeds threaten valuable wildlife habitat and natural resources, cause economic hardships to agricultural producers, and are a nuisance for recreational activities. The Noxious Weed Act requires all Colorado residents to control noxious weeds using integrated methods to manage noxious weeds if the same is likely to be materially damaging to the land of neighboring landowners.

Grand County offers an Herbicide Give away every Friday from 8am - 12pm thru September 30th, 2022. It's located at 469 E. Topaz St. in Granby. You must bring your own sprayer to be filled and proof of residency.  

We also have our check out program, at no cost.


  • The sprayers can be checked out at the clubhouse during normal clubhouse hours.
  • Mon 12pm-8pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wed-Sat 12pm-8pm
  • Sun 10am-6pm
  • You will be required to present your badge.
  • We do have a limited amount of sprayers available so please use and return as quickly as possible.
  • Brochures will be available to assist in identifying weeds of concerns as well as educational information. 

Thank you for your participation in this program to keep CLCC free of noxious weeds.

Colorado Noxious Weed Information

5 Seconds = 1 Mile 

15 Seconds = 3 Miles

When Lightning Strikes

When our clubhouse staff issues a warning of lightning in the area, for your safety please exit the water until it passes. Most lightning injuries occur from conduction and ground current, not direct strikes.

While there hasn’t been a documented case of an indoor pool lighting injury or death, there should be no debate around clearing indoor pools.

Think of it this way: There are plenty of cases of people being electrocuted while brushing their teeth or taking a shower during a lightning storm in a bonded, grounded building.

A body of water as large as a pool is an even bigger target for lightning strikes. When severe weather rumbles towards an indoor pool facility, the risk is not worth the reward.

Lightning Safety Tips


High-speed, lightning research photos have shown ground-current arcs (sparks) as far as 60 feet from where lightning hit the ground. If you happen to be standing in a place affected by a ground current, it can travel up one leg, through your body―possibly stopping your heart or breathing―and down the other leg.



Did you know Columbine Lake is larger than Grand Lake in population and certainly in density? Our diverse community relies on US to manage ourselves as our small staff cannot be here 24/7 to handle all complaints and/or violation of rules. We have clear rules (see CLCC Website) on noise, dogs off leash or off their property, building improvements with no permits, renters on private property, renter noise after hours, renter’s improper trash disposal , fires during high wind days, parking on street, etc. including the consequences of not abiding that result in fines. 

We appreciate you having conversations with your neighbors when they violate the rules of our HOA, that’s the best way to educate and interact with your neighbors always use the Owner’s Regulations as your guide. In the event that cannot happen, please be aware of the protocol when reporting a violation.

  1. On the Columbine Lake Country Club website (columbinelake.com) home page click on the Complaint/Violation link. You will see the Complaint/Violation Form in blue, click on the form and fill out the form. Your IDENTITY WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL.
  2. Please make every effort to have a photograph and/or another person who has witnessed the event. Send the photograph to office@columbinelake.com and reference your violation you submitted on-line.
  3. If there are questions you will be contacted by the office. Otherwise the violation process will be followed based on the type of violation and fine structure.
  4. If there are repeated violations please fill out additional complaint forms with proper documentation.

Thank you for helping keep our community safe and in compliance with our HOA. We appreciate your support.

pool rules

Clubhouse Pool Reminders

  • One adult (over 18) required for each six children under age 15.
  • There is no lifeguard on duty therefore homeowners and their guests swim at their own risk.
  • No one under 15 years old will be allowed to swim or to be in the sauna or hot tub without an adult (over 18 years of age).
  • For health reasons, infants and children 5 years of age and younger are strongly recommended to avoid Hot Tub use.

          American Association of Pediatrics 

  • Hot Tub users must follow regulation posted at the Hot Tub.

For a full list of regulations go to our website: 


Governing Documents/ Owner Regulations 20.01

How Grand Lake's Juniper Library Got its start.

An article published in February, 1933 announces the start of what we now know as the Juniper Library in downtown Grand Lake.

From within the Women's Club came a smaller group called the Juniper Women's Club which concentrated full time efforts through raffle sales, and various fund raisers to expand and improve the library for all to enjoy.

In 1995 the Juniper Library became what we know today. Thanks to all the years of women's club volunteers!

Library Women's club

Above: 1945 Mary Cairns Library Chariman 

Below: 1947 Library finds it's home above the fire station.

Grand Lake Library

Office Hours

For In Person Visits

Monday - Thursday 1pm - 4pm 

Friday 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm

Closed Saturday - Sunday 




Summer Clubhouse Hours 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturday 12pm - 8pm 

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Closed Tuesdays