Building Healthy Communities
Quarterly Newsletter
Summer 2017
Back to School 
Next month, children in Haiti will head back to school. Many of these children are vulnerable to easily preventable diseases that can have a long-term effect on their growth and development. With your support, we can make sure they have a healthy, productive year.

Last year more than 13,500 children received a physical exam at school, including vaccinations, de-worming medication, malnutrition screening and health education. For as little as $15, you can support this essential program, and help provide a bright future for children in Haiti. Make a donation today. 
Improving Community Health Services
Through Project Medishare's partnership with USAID's SSQH program (Quality Health Services for Haiti), l ab technicians at our clinic in Marmont were recently trained on the use and maintenance of the Sysmex hematology analyzer. The analyzer will allow us to run tests 10 times faster, and receive more accurate and complete results. 
Activities & Achievements*
6,000+ patient visits conducted at Marmont and Lahoye clinics
13,573 home visits conducted by 70 community health agents
Rebuilding After Disaster
When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti nine months ago, 40-year-old Jean Benjamin felt discouraged and overwhelmed by the weight of the devastation and destruction it caused. He lives in Laborde near the coastal town of Les Cayes in the South. He lost the home he shared with his wife and three children for 13 years, as well as crops and livestock. T hanks to Project Medishare's partnership with the Smallholder Farmer's Alliance, Jean is rebuilding his home and livelihood, and feels hopeful about the future.   Read More
Activities & Achievements
800 farm families began harvesting crops planted in February
2,300+ people received health care at four mobile clinics (as of July 2017)
Feeding the Future
The end of the 2016-17 school year marked the completion of the second year of Project Medishare's pilot school canteen program. This past school year, we expanded to an additional two schools benefitting a total of 946 children. In total, 115,544 meals were served.

Florent Milouse, the director of Petit Papillion, a preschool in Thomonde, said the program has not only reduced hunger in school, but has also helped lift a burden from many parents. 

"It’s been two years now and the parents are so very grateful," she said. "We had parents tell us that their kids couldn’t eat, but now they know that not only do they get a hot plate of food at lunch but also a breakfast snack. It really helps the parents out to know that their children are having a nutritious meal and the kids don’t complain of hunger to them when they get home anymore. It’s a massive load off of their shoulders."

Activities & Achievements*
115,544 meals served to 946 students at four schools
1,146 students at 10 schools received a health screening 
Students Stand in for Dad

In late April, 33-year-old Wigelande delivered her fourth child at Project Medishare's maternity center in Marmont. Her husband, a sixth-grade teacher at a nearby school, wasn’t there for the delivery. He was stuck at school supervising detention. In his absence, six of his students made the short walk to the maternity center to check-on Wigelande and her newborn daughter. Amidst laughter and adoration for the new baby, the students offered suggestions for a name. After a long night of labor, the visit from her husband’s students lifted Wigelande’s spirits.

Activities & Achievements*
147 deliveries in our facilities with no  maternal or stillborn deaths
468 new users of family planning services
Oculocutaneous Albinism Clinic
In June, Project Medishare's Wound Care Clinic at Hospital Bernard Mevs hosted an oculocutaneous albinism clinic. Albinism is a rare condition caused by reduced or no melanin production. In addition to pale skin, people with albinism have vision problems and are sensitive to the sun. They are also at higher risk for skin cancer. 

During the clinic, 65 albinism patients received education regarding their condition, a full body skin exam and a care package that included sunscreen, protective clothing/hat, sunglasses, SPF lip balm and Heliocare (for adults). Kids also received a small toy.  

The clinic was promoted by James Germain, a famous Haitian musician (who also happens to have albinism), and was mostly led by local dermatologists and other medical professionals. 
Activities & Achievements*
104 volunteers at Hospital Bernard Mevs
53 student and faculty volunteers in the Central Plateau
* April-June 2017
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