Awesome Portland has chosen Farm My Yard to be a contestant in this Tuesday's event - FMY will compete against 4 other great causes - show up at the Waypost,   3120 N Williams Ave., Portland, Oregon 7.28 6-8pm to root me on!
In other news - ah, the Oregon Country Fair was so good this year. I had a blast being part of the Wileyware booth, as in years past. I received some great altered advice at the Altered States booth - danced on the new dance floor in the new loop area - and just had a blissful time with friends in our annual hippie reunion! If you've never been before, have a look and come join us next year! Here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces of art from this year. 
Beautiful mobile at OCF
In other Albert news - I'll be doing a Constant Contact product training in Portland, next Thursday, July 30th. It's a full day of training and you get to spend the day with me! Constant Contact is on sale through the end of the month - 40% off your first 3 months. More, here

Wow, it's quite a Summer, eh?  Heat wave. Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well tour. Festivals - I've been cutting back this year :) Part of getting older, perhaps, or I'm getting EARLY ONSET GRUMPINESS. 
Early Onset Grumpiness
Early Onset Grumpiness
I hope this isn't happening to you! Meanwhile, I'm spending more time on training! I attended a full-day Mankind Project event last weekend and I find myself drawn to webcasts, TED talks and other ways to learn and improve (tips welcome). Also, I've been cutting back on sugar and have shed a few pounds.  

I'm tickled that Bernie Sanders  is running for President. I imagine Hillary will run away with the Democratic nomination and eventually become our next President - but for now - I will do what I can to help spread Bernie's ideas which are so much better than anything else I hear coming out of DC - it's spreading much needed hope and wisdom. I don't give the GOP 2 seconds of my time - I won't share anything they say or any news about them - because they are a bunch of idiots spreading terrible ideas. Join me in this - spread what's good! 

I hope life is treating you well. My favorite life hack tip is to get yourself some headphones and try sleeping with them. Whether you're at a festival, traveling, or simply at home - this short video should clarify one of the best things I've learned in life! Plus, if you haven't seen me in a while, here's what I look like :)

Have a great Summer - live, love, and laugh! (and work for progressive change!)

Albert Kaufman