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Yes! Magazine Article 
Featuring A Sacred Moment and other WA organizations
If you haven't already seen it making the rounds on social media, check out this beautiful article just published in Yes! Magazine, about alternative deathcare options in the Seattle area. A Sacred Moment features prominently, and we're so proud and honored. There's lots of great information about green burial, home funerals, and the evolution of the modern funeral industry. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest
Providing a program to honor healthcare wishes in the last chapters of life

Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest, a collaborative initiative between physicians and hospitals, has partnered with national leader Gundersen Health to bring evidence-based advance care planning training directly to physicians, hospitals and communities to ensure they are prepared to discuss and honor patients' wishes.

We plan for major life events such as college, marriage and having children-yet when it comes to planning the last chapters of our life, people often do not discuss what kind of health care they want during this significant time. With this in mind, the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) and Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) created Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest with the vision that:

Everyone in Washington will receive care that honors personal values in the last chapters of life.

"Doctors and hospitals in Washington have come together with partners across the state-and now nationally-to promote conversations so that people in our region will receive care that meets their personal goals," said Joanne Roberts, MD, chair of the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest Advisory Council and chief medical officer at Providence Health & Services Northwest Washington Region. "Every person-and every family, as defined by that person- has personal values that should drive their care. We aim to deliver care that fits those values."

Adds Dr. Roberts, "Our purpose is to change the way that we die in Washington."

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest was launched in January by WSHA and WSMA with a website, www.HonoringChoicesPNW.org, designed to support both the public as well as care providers.

Learn more about Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest at www.HonoringChoicesPNW.org.

Washington's Newest 
Green Burial Cemetery
Herland Forest in Wahkiacus

Herland Forest is a community-based, not-for-profit natural burial cemetery and stewardship forest in south-central Washington.

As an outgrowth of the  Windward Community's Sustainability Education and Research Center, Herland Forest is dedicated to learning, teaching and presenting wholesome alternatives to today's commercial, industrial burial practices.
The Mission of Herland Forest is to:
  • provide meaningful and affordable burial alternatives to people in the Pacific Northwest;
  • better understand the forest through ongoing ecological research;
  • use our knowledge to protect and enhance the vitality and productivity of our forest ecosystem;
  • and utlilize natural burial for conservation, devoting funds to acquire and steward additional lands.
To learn more about our Herland Forest and Windward please visit  www.herlandforest.org

Upcoming Events

Death Cafe
Gig Harbor, WA

Where: Gig Harbor Library
4424 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Longtime Compassion & Choices of Washington Board member and retired lawyer Terry Barnett will discuss the basics of planning to avoid unwanted life-sustaining treatment near the end of life: directives to physicians, durable powers of attorney for health care, and POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment). He will also discuss directives for mental health treatment, and directives for care during dementia. Questions and answers to follow.  No reservations required. Visit http://compassionwa.org/events/ for more information.

National Home Funeral A lliance
Biennial Conference
Los Gatos, CA

Join us at the 2015 NHFA conference!
  • CONNECT with your peers and build regional dialogs
  • build your CONFIDENCE to serve and uphold families rights to care for our own after death
  • nourish COURAGE to continue the work of your practices and take care of yourself
Every other year, the NHFA Conference presents a dynamic and enriching gathering for people from many fields who care about home funerals and natural death care: NHFA members, family caregivers, health care professionals in the death and dying fields, funeral directors, celebrants and clergy, and newcomers to the movement.

Our theme: This year we celebrate "Courage, Confidence and Connections: Home Funerals Now!" We are excited for conference attendees' to build their own capacities in each of these areas - so that together - we sustain and fortify the home funeral movement of today.

Click  here for more info. 

The Art of Death
Bellingham, WA

This week long community conference focuses on End of Life choices. Last years conference was a huge
success with a wide reaching impact into the community and we hope for nothing less this year.

Mission of the Exhibit:
We hope to offer an opportunity for personal exploration of the topic and choices surrounding Death and Dying. 

By using many different points of interest as access points or doorways into the board subject of Death and Dying, we offer an opportunity for people of all comfort levels, learning styles, beliefs, cultures and understanding to enter into the subject with curiosity and comfort.

Visit their event page for more info. 

Got Your Ducks in a Row?
Lynnwood, WA

Federal Way, WA

The best way to assure that your wishes will be honored is to know your options, plan ahead and put the proper documentation in place. Experts on end-of-life planning will discuss your rights and options as well as provide resources and handouts to help you and your family be prepared for the inevitable. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your survivors.
Compassion & Choices of Washington will provide information about the Washington Death With Dignity Act as well as other end-of-life options. Compassion and Choices of Washington will also have an information table there.

This event is hosted by  People's Memorial Association.

More info at http://peoplesmemorial.org/events.html

A Sacred Moment Home Funeral Workshop: 
The Gifts of Home Funerals
for Families and Communities
Vashon, WA
Bathing Eva in Workshop

Home funeral vigils allow time for the family to slow down and decide the pace that they want to proceed through this significant event, rather than being rushed into decisions that come at a high emotional, environmental and financial price.  This workshop will allow you to learn about:
  • What a home funeral vigil looks and feels like
  • Legal and health considerations
  • How a family or community can care for the body of a loved one themselves
  • How a family or community can file the death certificate and transport their loved one
  • How home funerals impact the grief process of survivors
  • When a home funeral is appropriate
1:00 - 5:00 PM,  $95 per person
($30 for 175 page manual - optional)

Land Trust Building -  10014 SW Bank Road,  Vashon, WA  98070

Please RSVP  to Leona Troese:

Washington  End of Life 
Coalition  Annual Meeting
SeaTac, WA
The Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) created the Washington End-of-Life Coalition in June 1997 with an agreement among participating parties on a vision for end-of-life care and a set of goals to realize this vision. The Coalition works to ensure that it is responding to short-range needs in care for the dying while allowing its long-range work to evolve, as end-of-life care itself evolves. Membership to the Coalition is free.

The 2015 Washington End-of-Life Coalition annual meeting will feature a keynote presentation, short presentations on end-of-life-related initiatives from community representatives and a 'state of end-of-life in the state' presentation by Coalition representatives. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues from across the state who share an interest in end-of-life issues. More information, including how to register, will be distributed and posted as details develop. For now, save the date.
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Seattle Airport
Friday, November 13
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

More details can found here: