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Read This - It May Save a Life!

Save a life? Yes. Why? Because we're announcing the Advancing Leadership Adult (ALA) 2016 Team Project: Save a Life Saturday! Did you know you can learn "hands only" CPR in as little as 10 minutes? Find out how on June 4th!
Linking In to Leadership

LinkedIn is where we learned Nikhil Bedi, ALY '11 is going to work for - LinkedIn! He tells us how he got here and shares some tips on making the most of this social media network for professionals.

Alumni Updates

What are Advancing Leadership Adult and Youth alumni doing now? Plenty! From promotions and internships to elections and TED Talks, read the latest in their leadership journeys!

We Make Summer Fun

As the school year comes to a close, we're working behind the scenes to create summer fun for both alumni and the incoming classes.

Partner Spotlight: Enabling Others

Discover some of the amazing funding partners responsible for providing the resources we need to deliver exceptional service to our learners and our community. Thanks to Getting Smart and new partners Xerox, Lux & Associates and  Valley Cities.

ALY Wows Weyerhaeuser

In a recent issue of its internal newsletter, Root News, Weyerhaeuser published an article entitled,  "40 Reasons to Believe in the Future." What were those 40 reasons? This year's Advancing Leadership Youth!

FYI: It's DIY Gets VIP Results

What happens when an Advancing Leadership Youth class decides to help start an organization from scratch? Be prepared to be impressed!