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Follow Along Summer Socks -- Part 2 of 6

Hello, knitting friends,

I'm knitting straightaway on the legs

The Summer Socks are growing. I'm into the soothing stockinette stitch that goes around and around. Ah, such a pleasant part of the process. You can visit and maybe even chance an adult beverage with straightaway knitting.

If you are using a multicolor yarn like Zauberball Crazy or Sockenwolle this is where the colors get really interesting. You could see a stripe pattern emerge or there might be subtle color gradients that form.

Most multicolor sock yarn is made with changes that fit the gauge of the yarn. Color changes are, in a way, calibrated to the 60-70 stitches that most knitters use for casting on. So as the yarn flows through the needles, the colors change according to the length of the tube that you are knitting.

The yarn I'm using, Lungauer Sockenwolle, automatically changed from the terra cotta to the yellow in the Color 414 version. Since the color changed, that where I stopped the ribbing and started the stockinette stitch for the leg.

The yellow has subtle terra cotta flecks. Very gentle color changes occur. Nice!

Straightaway Leg Knitting

Here's one way to pull off a few changes when you do the straightaway leg knitting. You can switch colors for the leg knitting.

For example, in the photo below, you can see Zauber Perlen. Perlen already comes in little balls of yellow and cream with some delightful color play.

I'm pairing it with Crazy Zauberball Color 2044 Green Week. Notice that I rewound the Green Week into smaller balls. Some start with green. Some start more gray. Fun!

I would use the Green Week for the heels and toes because it has nylon for strength. The Perlen little balls would be fun to use for the legs and feet. Cuffs could be knit in the Perlen yellows and cream, too.

The Perlen is 100% wool, so I would not use it for the heel and toe. Those areas need the nylon for good wearability. The Perlen color balls will make a great stripes that can be subtle or definite. I get to decide that as I choose how I mix those colors.

By using two skeins you have access to 200 grams of yarn and can knit longer legs for a pair of mid calf length socks. That flexibility is creative and versatile.

Did you watch the Magic Loop video last week?

Here's that link in case you need it again.

KnitPurlHunter's Magic Loop video lesson

Next email -- Part 3 -- Heel Flap & Turn the Heel

Meantime, I'm on the straightway of Sock #2 of my Sunrise Sunset Summer Socks.

I hope you will enjoy following along as I knit. We invite you to place an order and start some socks too. Remember that when your order totals $25 or more, you can use Coupon Code 25BY25 at checkout for a 25% discount on that order.

Happy knitting!


More sock knitting hints

🧦🧦 Hang on to the little balls of color that you wind. Even if you decide to not use a particular color it might come in handy for a later sock project.

🧦🧦 Remember that you can try on the socks as you go. Just put the stitches on a holding strand and try on the socks. Be sure that you use a really long strand so that the tube you are knitting fits over your ankle joint. That's widest part of the foot and it's where the knitting stretches the most.

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