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Follow Along Summer Socks -- Part 4 of 6

Hello knitting friends,

This is Gusset Week

The first cool thing about knitting the gusset is that (drumroll) the gusset starts the foot, so you are on the way to finishing the sock. 🥁🥁

It seems like a whole lot of stitches get picked up and then knit. Pick up and knit is "knitting talk" for adding stitches along a finished edge like the heel edge. Hang in there. It's not hard but you'll need to pay close attention.

You will see a triangle form that makes room for the ankle. Watch for the decrease line. It forms the diagonal of the triangle.

🧦🧦 There are more gusset hints at the end of this email.

A word to the wise: Whether you are using DP needles or magic loop on a circular, there will be shifting and shuffling of stitches from one needle to another needle.

First side of heel:

Starting with the 12 heel stitches, knit 6, place a marker, knit 6.

Pick up 15 stitches by working into the 15 chains along the edge of the heel flap.

Pick up the gap stitch. You'll want to play with this stitch. You might have to knit through the back loop, or pick up two threads, or twist the stitch. The goal is to close the gap that developed between the heel flap and the 30 stitches being held on the holding strand.

For magic loop: 28 of these stitches -- 12 + 15 + 1 -- will be on one needle tip.

For socks on DP needles: there are 28 stitches on Needle 1.

Knit the instep stitches:

Now knit the 30 instep stitches that are on the holding strand. If needed, use a double pointed (DP) needle to move the 30 stitches off of the holding strand and get them in position before knitting them.

For magic loop: there are 30 stitches on the second cable section.

For socks on DP needles: there are 30 stitches on second needle.

Second side of heel:

Pick up the gap stitch.

Then pick up and knit the 15 chain stitches.

Knit 6 stitches more, ending at the marker in the center of the heel.

For magic loop: there are 22 stitches worked on the second needle. 22 stitches remain to be worked.

For socks on DP needles: there are 22 stitches on the third needle.

Count stitches, rearrange if needed, & knit one round.

For magic loop: Count and rearrange the stitches so that the 30 instep stitches are on one part of the cable and the 44 heel stitches are on the second side. The marker in the middle of the 12 heel stitches is the beginning of the round.

For socks on DP needles: Count and rearrange the 74 stitches as follows -- 22 on first needle, 30 on second needle, 22 on third needle.

Knit one round plain -- 74 stitches.

Gusset decreasing:

You will be decreasing 2 stitches, one on each side of the ankle. These decreases occur every three rows. So there will be one decrease round and two plain rounds.

Decrease round for magic loop: Starting at the center marker, knit to the last 3 stitches on the needle, k2tog, k1. Knit 30 instep stitches onto second needle. Go back to first needle. K1, SSK, knit to the marker -- 2 stitches decreased.

Decrease round for socks on DP needles: Needle 1: knit to last 3 stitches on needle, k2tog, k1; Needle 2: k30; Needle 3: k1, SSK, knit to end of needle.

Rounds 2 & 3: Knit -- no decreases.

Repeat these three rounds -- decrease, knit, knit -- until there are 60 stitches.

More gusset hints

🧦🧦 When picking up stitches in the chain edge, you can hold the edge in the left hand and guide the right hand needle into the gap that the chain forms. OR you can insert the left needle into this gap and knit the stitch.

🧦🧦 The chain edge has two loops. You can pick up through the back loop or the front loop or through both loops. I like the look and the strength of going through both loops.

🧦🧦 Sometimes there will be extra gusset stitches. The heel flap might be too long or wonky. You can rip it back or just use two stitches to close up those gaps. I wouldn't worry about an extra stitch or two that make the gusset wider and give more ankle room.

🧦🧦 Don't be concerned either if you accidentally knit three plain rounds instead of two. That makes the gusset longer and the sock will be slightly looser across the ankle.

🧦🧦 When you get to the end of the gusset and have the original number of stitches back (60), give yourself a pat on the back. It’s always satisfying to see the heel shaping in place. Knitting is very sculptural. Whether you are knitting a first pair of socks or the tenth, the heel and gusset just feel magically satisfying.

My DP needle of choice is the Addi FlipStix.

Each needle has a blunt point and a tapered, sharper point.

Addi FlipStix

In case you need it, here's the link for magic loop knitting.

KnitPurlHunter's Magic Loop video lesson

Next email -- Part 5 -- Foot Straighaway

Our next Summer Socks Email #5 will cover knitting the foot. Like knitting the leg, this knitting is round after round and can go quickly since there are no increases or decreases.

I hope you will enjoy following along as I knit. We invite you to place an order and start some socks too. Remember that when your order totals $25 or more, you can use Coupon Code 25BY25 at checkout for a 25% discount on that order.

Happy knitting!


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