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Make a summer shawl, a hat, or maybe a cardigan.

Wrap yourself in the skies and seas of summer

when you choose blue.


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Follow Along Summer Socks -- Part 1 of 6

Hello, knitting friends,

I'm knitting socks!

Socks are a great project for summer. They are easy to carry around. The knitting folds up and fits into a day bag or backpack. They provide soothing knitting.

I figure that it takes me roughly 15-20 hours to knit two socks. That’s pleasureable knitting time.

Every order of sock yarn from Graywood includes a FREE pattern, our Not Rocket Science Socks. We are convinced that just about any knitter can knit socks so we’ve named the pattern, NRS — Not Rocket Science.

In these emails, you will see excerpts from the NRS Socks Pattern.

For socks, you'll need a 100 gram skein of sock yarn and needles. Our NRS Socks pattern uses 2.75 mm needles. Instead you can use US #1, 2 or 3 needles. Here's a knitting secret: Larger or smaller needles make bigger or smaller socks. You cast on the same number of stitches, but you get a looser (larger size ) or tighter (smaller size) fabric as you knit.

Here’s how to get started with double pointed needles.

  • Start at the top with the cuff by casting on 60 stitches.
  • Put 20 stitches on each of three needles.
  • Use the 4th needle to work the stitches.
  • Join in the round, being careful to line up the stitches without a twist.

The patterns says to rib for 1 1/2" to 2" and I used K1, P1 for these socks. I ended my ribbing to coincide with a color change in the yarn.

This pattern has ribbed cuffs that hold up the top of the sock.

I'm using K1, P1 ribbing on my Sunrise Sunset Socks.

Cuff stitches

Leg stitches

Yes, you need to knit on four needles using double pointed needles or you can do the magic loop method on one long circular needle. There are lots of good YouTube helps for learning about knitting on DPs and/or doing magic loop knitting.

Try looking up KnitPurlHunter's Magic Loop video lesson for a start.

Next email -- Part 2 -- Knit Straightaway Leg

>>>>>>> In the next email I'll be back to knit the leg. That's straight knitting. There will be hints on separating the colors in multicolored yarn.

Meantime, I'm casting on and knitting the cuffs for a pair of Summer Socks.

I hope you will enjoy following along as I knit. We hope you'll place an order and start some socks too.

Happy knitting!


More sock knitting hints

-- I'm using Sockenwolle in Color 414. I've named my project Sunrise Sunset Socks since the colors evoke morning and evening sunshine.

-- I go back and forth between using Addi FlipStix (double points) and a 40" Rocket Squared long circular.

I like the choreography that my fingers get to do with DPs. But I also like the ease of using a magic loop (long circular) with two needle tips. So I use both knitting methods.

-- Do you only have one set of needles with you and you want to start the second sock? Thread up a strand of yarn on a large eye darning needle and put the stitches of Sock One onto a holding strand. Then you can cast on and work Sock Two.

Sock Yarn

Reminder -- We include a

FREE NRS Socks pattern

with every order of sock yarn!