The Great Basin Guardian
Summer |2020
Supporting Education
The Great Basin Observatory operates remotely from desktop computers, so when Concordia University’s research lab was closed this summer due to COVID-19, students in the Summer Research Institute didn’t need to miss out. They learned to gaze into the dark skies above the Great Basin from the safety of their homes and investigated double-star systems.
When schools closed in March, we switched to supporting teachers and students virtually with interactive standards-aligned Science at Home activities. In this photo, two brothers (ages 13 & 10) from Wyoming proudly display their Worlds in Comparison scaled solar system.

“I am so glad you are having these videos and activities. Great way to keep kids busy and learning! We love Great Basin!”

Star Boxes for Great Basin elementary schools are now complete! We have constructed 11 boxes with all the materials teachers need to conduct science standard-aligned lessons with their students. Utah teachers received their boxes and training in March. Nevada teachers are receiving boxes and training this month.
Comet Neowise behind ancient Bristlecone Pine trees this July at Great Basin -Charles Reed
Great Basin National Park Updates
Most of the Park is open! All trails, most roads, and several campgrounds are open to visitors. Wheeler Peak Campground remains closed through 2020 for reconstruction to extend its life and restore its historic beauty. Tours of Lehman Caves and the Lehman Caves Visitor Center will be closed through the summer due to COVID-19 but check out the 3 part virtual tour the Park just released of Lehman Caves! The Great Basin Visitor Center is open each day from 9am-5pm.
As the official nonprofit partner of Great Basin National Park we passionately work to enhance, preserve, and interpret the starry night skies, wide-open scenery, cultural heritage, and diverse native ecosystems of Great Basin National Park. We thank you for your support to continue our Reach for the Stars education and Great Basin Observatory programs and to fill the Park’s anticipated 2021 shortfalls due to COVID 19 closures this year.
Grand Guardians

We are so pleased to announce that First National Bank of Ely donated $10,000 to become a Bristlecone Sponsor! According to Bank President John Gianoli, FNB “realizes that many nonprofit organizations have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. They do amazing work within our community and we remain dedicated to supporting them.”
Two decades of commitment

Did you know that NV Energy Foundation is one of our most committed partners? NV Energy has donated over $100,000 towards Great Basin Visitor Center exhibits, $50,000 for Great Basin Observatory construction, $25,000 supporting education, and $11,000 as an organizational sponsor. Thank you NV Energy for supporting “Nevada’s own National Park”!