What a lot of progress!

Summers are a wonderful time in Belize. The school halls empty of children, then refill a few days later with the sounds of banging, painting and the quiet chatter of hard working mission teams.

This year we had a lot to do - continue building the House of Grace, expand our playground, repair roofs and decking, paint classrooms and do all manner of repairs large and small. We are incredibly grateful to the five teams from the USA and Canada who made this possible.
Meet our Summer Building Teams
All Saints Episcopal Church - Fort Worth, Texas
Thank you All Saints Episcopal Church for your talents in wrapping and siding the House of Grace, in repairing roofs, pulling down fences so we could expand our playground and adding protective netting to keep soccer balls on the soccer field and out of our equipment. You helped get our summer off to a great start!
Christ Episcopal Church - Raleigh, North Carolina
Thank you Christ Church for sending a huge youth team to repair gates, expand the playground, stabilize our swing sets, work on roofs and siding and help with our students and in the library. We are so impressed by your hard working attitudes and willingness just to do anything.
St. Simon's Anglican Church - Oakville, Ontario
Thank you St. Simon's Church for your tireless hours in the hot sun adding fill to the newly expanded playground, for painting the Infant Division classrooms and finishing the siding on the House of Grace. We are blown away by all you achieved.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church - El Dorado, Arkansas
Thank you St. Mary's Church for your many hours of hard work in our Upper Division, repairing decking, cleaning walls, painting classrooms and insulating the House of Grace. You were a lot of fun to have at the school.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Finally, a thank you to St. Andrew's Church, for painting our remaining classrooms, and making exciting progress on the House of Grace adding sheetrock, stairs and balcony railings. Your relentless hard work really made a difference.
Mr. Freddy Trejo and Mr. Daniel Jones
We want to take one last moment to thank our own Mr. Freddy and his assistant Mr. Daniel Jones, Sr. (father of our Standard 6 teacher, Daniel Jones). Thank you for all your hard work, both alongside teams and by yourselves between teams. Thank you for spending so much time talking with our guests, guiding them, encouraging them and making their time here in Belize unforgettable.
Congratulations to our Graduating Teachers
Two Holy Cross teachers graduated from Galen University. Helen Melendez (left), earned a Bachelor's In Education, earning a place on the Honor Roll. Melissa Blake was awarded both a Certificate in Education and a Bachelors in Education. Both teachers earned these over the last few years, while simultaneously teaching full time and raising families.

We'd also like to congratulate our first year teachers Ms. Shaunne Elliott and Ms. Kimberly Lopez, who received their Associates in Primary Education. 

This is a great accomplishment and we're proud of you!
Ms. Helen has taught at Holy Cross for 9 years. She is a long term resident of San Pedro and many years ago her younger sister and niece were among the earliest students to join Holy Cross. She chose teaching as she was looking for a stable career and was inspired to be a part of the Holy Cross family.
Ms. Helen enjoys meeting new students and molding their minds for the future and making a difference in their lives. She finds teaching most rewarding when she sees her former students doing well in life. The current preschool assistant and previous Miss San Pedro are both former students of hers. 
For Ms. Melissa Blake it was her children that lead her to teaching. She became involved in their school, helping teachers with posters, helping in classrooms and eventually volunteering full time to see if teaching was a job she wanted to do. Ms. Melissa came to Holy Cross when our Preschool Teacher was on maternity leave. She is now in her 5th year at Holy Cross.
For Ms. Melissa being able to teach children to learn, think and make changes in their lives is what inspires her. “My life is fortunate because of my mother. I want to give the same opportunities to these children.” For her, teaching children to think critically about what they’re learning is as important as learning facts and skills.
Thank you once again for following our updates and being a part of the Holy Cross story. Our success is only possible through your support and donations. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

In a few weeks our teachers will return to set up classrooms, with our students returning on Monday September 2. If you haven't done so already, please follow us on facebook, where you'll get a regular stream of everyday events at the school.

Regards from the team at Holy Cross.
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