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Suzanne Sterling - Blue Fire Soul

Blue Fire Soul is now available at iTunes and
Blue Fire Soul by Suzanne Sterling and Christoper K is electronic kirtan music for yoga, dance and 
celebrati on!
Suzanne has created a chant CD in English featuring songs she has written over her teaching at intensives and workshops. 

Available only through her website. 

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PLUS: New Music for YOGA

New yoga music CD with long time collaborator and producer Chris K. Chakra Flow is a companion CD to Seane Corn's newest DVD series. 
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**Off The Mat Intensive Online - for those of you who have not been able to make the 5 day, this is a great alternative! ~ Starts July 7


** Wild Nature, Wild Soul workshop/sing/dance party with DJ Tasha Blank at Laughing Lotus Brooklyn!  ~ July 12


**Off The Mat Intensive in Squaw Valley! ~ July 20-24


**Be the Change Workshops and Concert at Moksha Yoga Chicago! ~ August 14-16


**Off The Mat Intensive at Omega Institute! ~ 

August 24-28 and more...




Happy Summer....hope your summer is bright and sweet so far! As some of you know already, I have been doing some deep healing and have been sharing some of that process on social media.  Many people have been emailing and texting to see if I am alright and I cannot even begin to tell you how much that means to know that I have community that will hold me through the difficult times.


As a woman with no children or partner, the people and communities I love and am part of become my family...and since there are more and more of us in this culture who have chosen to create different lives outside the box of the nuclear family model, we must actively create ways to support each other through life passages: heartbreaks, deaths, illness, as well as joys, triumphs and creativity! Thank you for this reminder that we are all interconnected and can skillfully care for each other.


There were also those who wondered if I am just being a drama queen or wallowing in my own pain when "we all have pain". To that I say, I am fully aware that we all have pain (and in fact spend my life facilitating the healing of personal/cultural pain) and it is precisely because of that that I made a conscious decision to share some of my pain in this very public forum. I started to realize that in using FB and other social media to share my art and work I was putting forth an image of myself that was always "together" and seemingly without vulnerability or challenge and so was giving the wrong impression altogether.


In my work I am constantly asking others to be vulnerable and started to see that I was not sharing that aspect of myself. I want to show that although my life is amazing, it is also filled with doubt and fears and heartbreaks....and that those experiences are just as important, perhaps even more growth filled than the joyful ones.


I just launched a new aspect of my life work called Voice of Change, while at the same time I am healing a broken heart from a painful breakup. It is probably no accident that the two are happening simultaneously. I have declared that I will be and am a VOC and so I am being asked to step into new levels of truth telling and integrity. I am also looking at who I have been and allowing old habits and patterns of being to fall away so that I can be present and available to more profound levels of service and joy. It feels like a snake shedding skin (ouch) and I am in the midst of it right now. I thank Goddess for the many wonderful healers, coaches and friends who I deeply rely on.

I know that many of you are also feeling the intensity of personal shedding concurrent with the intensity of the times we are living in. So...deep breaths and songs of courage and a commitment from me to you that I will keep showing up in this way and asking for help when I need it and ACCEPTING that help and offering it to you when you are courageous enough to ask it of me.

Let's walk with each other through this crazy time with our hearts open and our tears flowing and our feet solidly planted in the soil of community.


Thank you thank you thank you 13 thank yous!


"We might feel that somehow we should try to eradicate these feelings of pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and blame, fame and disgrace.  A more practical approach would be to get to know them, see how they hook us, see how they color our perception of reality, see how they aren't all that solid.  Then the eight worldly Dharmas become the means for growing wiser as well as kinder and more content."


- from When Things Fall Apart

by Pema Chodron




It happens all the time in heaven,

and some day


It will begin to happen

again on earth-


That men and women who are married,

and men and men who are lovers,


And women and women

who give each other



Often will get down on their knees


And while so tenderly

holding their lover's hand,


With tears in their eyes,

will sincerely speak, saying,


"My dear,

how can I be more loving to you;

How can I be more kind?"


- from The Subject Tonight is Love

by Hafiz

tr: Daniel Landinsky




How to build community

by Suzanne

from the Wanderlust Book (In stores now


Be bold

reach out beyond distraction and

the trance of consumption

step out of your comfort zone

Celebrate the life force in each other

Invoke the sacred

Ask deep questions

Magnetize playmates

Risk being silly, boring or even dangerous

create opportunities to work and play together

move beyond self interest, fear, judgement

ask how you might serve 

step into play, prayer and support

mark the passages of your lives

build, create or save something

ask for help and ideas

co create

Make rituals that matter and help with real problems


be a poet trust your voice

feel the rhythm

release the inner critic

celebrate diversity

sing, dance, eat and pray together


create a place to gather

ask more questions

listen to the answers


fix what you can

contribute to the larger vision

hold the ones in pain, dance when the joy comes

breathe life into life

tell your own stories - they are better than the stories on TV

embrace the wild mystery...participate!!


Offerings & Events
The Voice of the Wild Soul
with Suzanne and Tasha Banks
Saturday, July 12 ~ 7pm

Laughing Lotus Yoga
Brooklyn, NY

Join expression experts + awe curators Suzanne Sterling and Tasha Blank at Laughing Lotus for a two hour juicy fusion of flow yoga, ecstatic movement, deep beats, soulful singing, and rituals of reconnection. All bodies are welcome as we dive deep into our creative genius and build visionary community while having a tremendously fun time on the dance floor. Find all the details on the Laughing Lotus site. NEW Brooklyn Studio is open and these women are ready to rock it! Join them!



Be the Change Weekend
Workshops and Kirtan
Aug 14-16

Moksha Yoga
Chicago, IL

Suzanne returns to Moksha Yoga for a wonderful weekend of transformative workshops and a Kirtan. Find out all the details at the Moksha website


Friday Aug 14: 6:30 - 9pm Hips and Heats

Saturday Aug 15: 10am - 1pm  Be the Change

Saturday Aug 15: 7:30 - 9:30 Kirtan

Sunday Aug 16: 10a-1pm Voice of Change




 Off the Mat, Into the World Trainings

Suzanne continues the work of OTM in upcoming trainings: 
online and in person. 

Is it time for you to get off the mat? 
Why stretch when you can REACH?

with OTM founders Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling
July 7, 9, 13, 15, & 17
2:30 - 4:00pm PST (5 call sessions) 

Cultural Competency: Skills and Tools for International Service
with Suzanne Sterling and Rebecca Rogers 
Wednesdays: August 5, 12, 19 & Sept 2, 9, 16
3:00 - 4:30pm PST (6 call sessions)    

with Suzanne, Hala, Seane
Two upcoming 5-day trainings
July 20-24 ~ Squaw Valley, CA
Aug 24-28 ~ Omega Institute, NY 


 Save the DATES: Upcoming events and trainings

Forever NOW Festival
Sept 3-6

Berlin, Germany



Voice of Change6-week online training with Suzanne
Sept 29-Nov 3

To find out more, sign up here!

Be a Voice of Change  ~   Embody truth! 

Where we become our message, our medicine, and our direct action. You are invited to this second Voice of Change offering. 


Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership
starts November 2015

Portland, OR

Details are on Facebook or sign up for more information. 

Each of us has super powers - abilities that come naturally to us, but in leadership roles, we are often relied upon to have skills above and beyond our own specialties.  Few opportunities exist for individuals to receive personalized spiritual mentorship or any opportunity to develop their innate magical gifts. This training is such a place. Are you ready to connect to your purpose?  Make the changes in your life that lead to greater fulfillment? 

Suzanne's 2015 Calendar
events subject to change

June 28-July 5

Reclaiming Intensive

Mendocino, CA

July 12

The Voice of the Wild Soul

Laughing Lotus 

Brooklyn, NY


July 7, 9, 13, 15, & 17

Yoga, Purpose, & Action

July 20-24

OTM Intensive

Squaw Valley, CA


Aug 5, 12, 19, & Sept 2, 9, 19

Cultural Competency 

Aug 11-12

Globe Sound Healing Summer Intensive

San Francisco, CA

Aug 14-16

Moksha Yoga

Chicago, IL

Aug 24-28

OTM Intensive

Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY

Sept 3-6

Forever Now Festival

Berlin, Germany

Sept 21-25

OTM Intensive

Los Angeles, CA

Oct 1-2

OTM Event

Estes Park, CO

Oct 24-25

Yoga Works Teacher Training

New York, NY

Nov 7-8

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Orange County, CA

Nov 21-22

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Los Angeles, CA

Dec 3-4

OTM Advanced Leadership Training

Ojai, CA

Dec 5-6

Yoga Works Teacher Training

La Jolla, CA

Dec 11-13

Voice of Change Weekend

Esalen Institute

Big Sur, CA

Dec 19-20

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Los Angeles, CA