Newsletter | Summer News 2022
Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary
and Herbal Stable Yard
Burning that candle at both ends!

The thing I notice most about summer is the very long days. This gives us time to accomplish more, but leaves less time for sleep! The afternoons get hot and short naps help us (humans) get ready for evening chores and projects. It is ongoing, year-round, running a sanctuary!

We finally got some much-needed rain! And just before the 4th of July when we were assaulted for an entire week by area fireworks. While most were not too close to us, the volume and intensity were greater than years before and it exhausted ALL of us!

We made Valerian Root syrup to calm the horses, adding it to evening mashes every night. We had extra lights set up, leaving them all on every night. We played "Equine Relax Trax" that I downloaded and we really thought it worked (for the horses and for us!). I even think it would be helpful for dogs, but don't know that for sure.

Here is the track you can download! CLICK HERE
Murray got his rehab going right away
The dental and hoof care were big priorities! Murray came with an assortment of problems and we got onto his rehabilitation right away. After quarantine, he went to the Infirmary Barn and he gets walked each day around the stable yard or turned out in the giant round pen because exercise will be a profound healer for him. We are thinking about putting him with Comet on the small track so they both would move around more... stay tuned!

He is on supplements, herbs and Homeopathics to address each issue and he gets paste for his ulcers daily - all he went through, it is no surprise he came with ulcers.

Murray came to us because of his navicular disease in both front hooves and a rotated coffin bone in his left hind hoof! If you don't know the story of how Murray came to us, read it here.
Pepper is now bigger than Bodhi!

He is thriving and mellowing, Bodhi remains a wonderful influence. Because Pepper sustained a broken leg at one month old and it healed crooked, he will remain in Sanctuary for the rest of his life.

Rebreaking his leg and resetting it was not an option at 3 months old (the risk of surgery and possible infection was high) when he was rescued up north as an orphan.

What is a Horse Sanctuary? LEARN MORE

Our dear Joe was injured and we do not know how it happened. Dr. Heather was right out and started medicines. He is thin again now (after getting nearly plump!), but we think he is healing. He can get up and down easily by himself.

Here is a video showing and explaining his situation this past month
Katharine went to a retreat.
It was for caregivers (she takes care of her brother who had a stroke in 2016), it was a chance to recharge and become a better advocate for herself (not just for everyone else).

Facing challenges, feeling safe, surrounded by nature (in northern Colorado), it was very healing and came at just the right time!

We won't even discuss the airport dramas, staying masked and testing, driving through NM wildfire smoke to get to her truck (left at the Albuquerque airport) after a long bus ride- it was quite the adventure! And worth it.
And then to visit Equine Spirit Sanctuary
ESS is in Taos, also a licensed horse rescue/sanctuary in New Mexico! Meeting new horses, learning new healing modalities, seeing an amazing friend, it was awesome.
Meet Amber!

We adopted this sweet, young, spayed female doggy from the shelter! Our little dog, Skipper, passed over one night in June. It was heartbreaking. But, Skipper was 13 years old - a good long life. And Phoebe, our Great Pyr (who is 15 - I've had her for 13 years, so she has to be at least 14!! and I'm sure she was over a year old when I took her in) was disoriented.

We went to the shelter thinking of finding a companion for Phoebe... but she has glitchy hips and can no longer hear, so all the dogs were pretty much "more" than she could handle. When we saw Amber, we knew we had to grab her! She is just over a year old. The guys have her at DH2. Kevin, Mark's son, is spending the month of July with us, so they are training her and helping her adjust to this new, good life. The two guys are holding down the fort at DH2 while I stay home (DH1) to care for things here.
Sweet Hubba
Perky, sweet, shiny Hubba gets left out of the conversation sometimes, just because he is so little "trouble" and remains so healthy.

He really is a gentleman of a horse with the easy going nature that makes us all adore him.
And here is Peanut

He is a miniature horse stallion found loose (or dumped) and neglected. We are taking him into sanctuary and the first TWO things to be done are castration (Veterinarian) and hoof care (farrier). We will pick him up and will have our bid fee (yes, like Murray, we had to bid on him with the Livestock Board, but this time it's the minimum bid for licensed rescues), his Coggins test cost, the Livestock Inspection/hauling permit to pay for.

Peanut won't cost a lot to feed - but will be expensive at the beginning for Vet care and hoof care! We just could not turn our backs on him! And, yes, his hooves are turned up from neglect... no telling how long he went without hoof care.

If you can help us with Peanut's expenses, please use the donate button on our website - just scroll down a little bit on the site.
We see each horse here as an individual with physical, mental and emotional needs that are dynamic and fluctuate with the weather, the seasons, their changing bodies as they age and who they live with as a herd.
If you can help us with funds to provide the special care these individuals need we would be so grateful. Some were abandoned, starving and blind; some were declared hopeless and heading for euthanasia or slaughter; some were brutalized; some orphaned and injured; some were cherished by owners who passed over or became ill or injured. Each horse needed to be in Sanctuary and we took them in as family.

You can use this DONATE button to access our website & donate from there. If you want to send a check, the address is 6874 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 88012. Make checks to Dharmahorse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

We also have a WISH LIST at Chewy!
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The Feed Products on the list are SO needed and appreciated!
I love this video, just because the horses are feisty and the sky is gorgeous. We would love to see more clouds again... and more RAIN! This is a nice glimpse into the herd life at Dharmahorse.
Dharmahorse Herbal
We use herbal supplements (of our own making) to support the good health of all the horses here.

Punica granatum:
Pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub from the Himalayas - its juice covered seeds were dried and crushed into a powder in Tibet. This medicinal powder was used to aid digestion and support the health of most organs including the heart, lungs and kidneys.
The juicy seeds can be fed to horses to add anti-oxidants, support digestion and strengthen the kidneys. The thick hull-like skin should be peeled away after sectioning the fruit (be aware, the juice will stain!). Add new foods gradually to the horse's diet. Build up to no more than 2 large fruits a day and offer them every other day. They are rich in nutrients.

We don't do this for donations, we need donations to do this!
We wish you well. We hold this planet and all who fly with her in love & light.
Katharine, Mark & the Dharma Horses