Important - Course Payments
Please ensure as far as possible that you pay for your chosen course prior to it commencing. This reduces admin during class time and helps us to plan courses for your benefit.
New Ballet Pilates Course
This is an exciting, brand new, six week course with Sarah (Ref: 2734) starting on Friday 13th September at 12.30. Please book no later than 20th August. Here's what Sarah has to say:-
"Ballet Pilates is an exhilarating new fusion which combines toning and mat exercises normally associated with Pilates and specific posture and strengthening ballet moves that when combined together create amazing total body results. This workout will give you greater mobility and flexibility, improved body tone, and a stronger core. Don't worry if you're not a dancer or new to Pilates- this class is still for you!"
Teachers Holiday Cover
Sarah will be covering for Judith on the following dates:-
Friday 2nd August at 09.45
Monday 5th August at 09.45
Marcia will be covering for Sarah on Thursday 25th July at 18.30 and 19.30.
Special Deals
Please remember the summer deals we have on offer for a limited period only offering you and your friends a couple of great deals which we know you will like. For full details see our Newsletter sent on 10th June. Here is a summary:-
1. One to Ones
These are  effective for general health and wellbeing and particularly:--
  • Rehabilitation
  • Back problems
  • General fitness
  • Postural correction
  • Antenatal
  • Sports fitness
We are offering taster sessions of one hour at the reduced price of £50 during which Marcia can get you working on the equipment, help to diagnose your fitness issues, and demonstrate the benefits, all for the reduced price of £50. This offer will only apply to any bookings made and paid for by the end of August. Marcia can be contacted on 0778 900 3284.
2. Courses
Again, for a limited period until the end of August, if a friend or family member joins one of our regular Pilates Beginners courses we will not only reduce the cost of their six week course by £14 but we will also reduce the cost of your own next course by the same amount. Interested? Call either myself or Marcia, details below.
Beginners Courses
The following six week Beginners courses are scheduled to start soon and we are now taking bookings:-
  • Monday 29th July at 19.30 with Marcia (Ref: 2717)
  • Tuesday 13th August at 11.30 with Marcia (Ref: 2726)
  • Wednesday 7th August at 18.30 with Graham (Ref: 2719) New
  • Thursday 15th August at 10.00 with Marcia (Ref: 2730)
  • Saturday 21st September at 08.30 with Vicky (Ref: 2735) New
Please check out the Course Programme for full details.

If you would like to check out Joseph Pilates at work click this YouTube  link.

Graham and Marcia
Email   Course Programme  Bank Transfer

Graham (M): 0798 405 1132

Marcia (M): 0778 900 3284