Late Summer 2020 Newsletter
Thank you for your shared passion for protecting children and ongoing efforts to save precious little lives. Our efforts are made successful thanks to amazing advocates like you who help share our safety messages in your communities and networks.

Already this year, 19 children have died in hot cars. With so many changes in routines for families, the risk for children being unknowingly left behind is higher. For children spending more time at home, the risk of sneaking out of the home unnoticed and getting into cars on their own is higher. In fact, 42% of which were children who got into vehicles on their own. is urging everyone to share our 'Look Before You Lock' safety tips for parents.

Wishing you and yours safety and wellness during these unprecedented times.
First ever virtual international heatstroke press event and Congressional briefing
On July 28th, hosted an international virtual press event and Congressional briefing focused on available technology that can detect the presence of a child inside a vehicle and prevent hot car deaths. The press event featured several systems readily available today and addressed the need for a safety standard through the Hot Cars Act (H.R. 3593).
Photo credit: Vayyar Imaging Inc.

Please visit the link below to view the recording of the event and share with your networks.
FREE Online Training Course for Childcare Providers & others on Hot Cars
In partnership with our friends at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness, is offering this free online training course for childcare providers and others about hot car deaths and injuries and how they can be prevented. The course offers best practice suggestions for childcare providers and actionable safety tips for everyone to help stop these unthinkable deaths and injuries.
A message from Susan Morgan Cooper, Director and Producer of Fatal Distraction, To the Moon and Back, etc.:
Dear Friends of,

I wanted to personally invite you to an important film premiere that deals with the phenomenon of child hot car deaths.  

My documentary, Fatal Distraction, will premiere in Hollywood at the Dances With Films Festival on Friday, September 4th. Due to these unprecedented times, the film will only be available to the public virtually. We hope you will join us, and invite your friends and family all across the country to view this powerful film.

Fatal Distraction features three parents who've suffered this tragedy: Miles Harrison, Nicole Engler and Justin Ross Harris. Parents Juan and Marissa Rodriguez, Dee Bien, and Doug Grote also appear in the film in addition to's fearless leader, Janette Fennell. I chose to highlight the case of Justin Ross Harris as he received the most severe sentence and public condemnation of any parent charged. My reasoning was this... if we could convince an audience that Justin Ross's tragedy was an innocent mistake, then it would be beyond obvious that other parents are clearly loving, responsible and worthy of our compassion. Dr. David Diamond (leading memory expert) and Gene Weingarten (two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist) also appear in the film.

I need your support. If you could please:
  1. Purchase a ticket (only $12):
  2. Watch the film on Friday, Sept 4 or Sunday, Sept 6
  3. Vote. If we get a lot of votes, we may win an Audience Award... which means more press and awareness for this important issue. One ticket = one vote. 

Thank you so much for your time.

Susan Morgan Cooper
Director // Producer
Fatal Distraction
Update on the Hot Cars Act (H.R. 3593)
On July 1, 2020 the Hot Cars Act of 2019 (H.R. 3593) passed the full U.S. House of Representatives as a part of the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2). The bill would require the Department of Transportation to set a safety standard requiring technology in all new vehicles that could detect the presence of a child or pet inside the vehicle and provide alerts both inside and outside the vehicle.

After 20 years of public education, the number of children dying in hot cars has gotten worse, not better. While public awareness of this issue is at an all-time high, so is the number of children dying. The last two years (2018 & 2019) were the worst years ever with over 100 babies and small children needlessly killed nationwide. Technology along with education and public awareness is urgently needed.

Awesome Arizona Advocates!
The Tempe Police & Fire Department teamed up with the family of Charly Jones to create a video to raise awareness and prevent hot car tragedies in honor of sweet little Charly who died in a hot car last summer. Please share this wonderful video with your community.
On May 26th, parent advocate, Dawn Peabody (pictured above) spoke at the Phoenix Police and Fire Department’s press event on preventing hot car tragedies. Ms. Peabody shared the painful loss of her daughter, Maya.
Connect AmazonSmile to Your APP on iOS/Android!!
Good news! AmazonSmile customers can now support Kids and Cars in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations for Kids And Cars.

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings'
  3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process
‘When Memory Fails’ short film wins 2019 Award of Excellence
The short film ‘When Memory Fails' featuring the story of parent advocates Dawn and Wes Peabody received the 2019 Award of Excellence from the Atlanta Press Club. Entries were judged by volunteers from the National Press Club and Investigative Reporters and Editors on quality of content, demonstrated reportorial skill and the impact of their work. Winners are listed here.

The film also finished third-place in the Society for Features Journalism awards.
June 29 marked Reece's 14-year “Thank Goodness Day!”
In June 2006, five-year-old Reece nearly lost his life after his neck became stuck in the power window in his father’s truck. Reece’s father was mowing the lawn when Reece got into his truck to listen to music. As his father began to circle around the house, Reece wanted to wave to him and leaned out the window rolling the window up on his neck. His father found him hanging from the window, unconscious and performed CPR which saved his life.

Power windows have injured or killed thousands of children. This day still haunts the Bauer family. They are incredibly grateful that their precious son is still with them and know that the outcome could have been very different. We are happy to share that Reece graduated high school at the end of July and will be attending Wabash College on the President's Scholarship and playing baseball there too. Congrats to you, Reece! We are so proud of you!

Please keep your vehicles locked at all times and never leave children alone inside a vehicle, not even for a minute! To learn more visit recent Press Releases In the News
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