Summer Newsletter 2016
A letter from our president:

Dear :

As we continue our 100th anniversary campaign:100 Years of Shelter, Housing, and Hope   I am pleased to announce that - thanks to supporters like you - w e are well on our way in raising an additional $1 million to provide parents and children with more affordable housing as well as with the services and support that will help them overcome barriers and secure safe, stable housing. 

I hope you will save the date for our 100th anniversary celebration on November 17th, 2016 to celebrate our accomplishments and raise funds and awareness for homeless parents and children. A number of elected officials have joined our honorary host committee, including Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Senator Edward Markey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Michael Capuano, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, Representative Kevin Honan, and Representative Byron Rushing.

There are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of homeless parents and children: donate to our efforts,  keep informed and spread the word about the struggles of homeless families and how FamilyAid Boston helps. 

Thank you for being a partner in our efforts to end family homelessness in our community.

Richard E. Ring
Family Success Story: "I can breathe again"

Stephen is the proud father of four children. He has a stable full time job and hope for his family's future. A year ago he never would have imagined this was possible. Like so many other families in Boston, Stephen and his children became homeless after their rent was repeatedly raised and he could no longer afford, their apartment.

Over the past year, with the help of his FamilyAid Boston care team, Stephen has worked hard to find a job and get back on his feet. After working with FamilyAid Boston, getting a job, and finding an apartment he can afford he says: "I know I can do it on my own. A home for me is everything. It is my pride and joy. It means waking up every day and knowing I am alive and can breathe again." Click here to read Stephen's full success story!

Helping Parents Care for Themselves and Their Children 

Caring for both yourself and your children is a challenge, but with the added stress of hunger, homelessness, and financial struggles, it can seem nearly impossible. This spring, FamilyAid Boston had the privilege to partner with YWBoston and Families First to provide health, wellness, and parenting workshops for our clients. 

Being homeless as a parent can be isolating and traumatic, and many of the parents we work with lack a stable family support system.  These workshops create a safe space where parents can discuss their personal challenges and triumphs and create new support systems. One young mother who attended the parenting workshop reflected: "It was so helpful to hear from other parents who had experienced the same struggles as me and survived. Being able to discuss parenting tips, what worked and what didn't work, made me feel less alone."

The workshops focused on a range of issues including self-esteem, healthy relationships, domestic violence, heart health, stress management, and the struggles of parenting without a home. Kate Leahy, Social Worker in FamilyAid Boston's Community Based Shelter program, stated: "These women are superstars!  One mother walked to the workshops with her three children after her work day. These women want so badly to improve the quality of their lives the least we can do is provide them with this opportunity." 

Artisanal Suds and Slices for Charity

We would like to thank the 70 guests who attended our young professionals networking event Artisanal Suds and Slices for Charity on May 20 at Impact Hub Boston. 

We are particularly grateful to our sponsors: Wayfair , Down the Road Brewery , The Upper Crust Pizzeria , Impact Hub , and Mark McCurdy of Craft Brew England for making the evening a success! Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of the event and keep up-to-date on future events!

FamilyAid Boston's 2017  Boston, Marathon Team!

If you want to make a real difference in the fight to end family homelessness in Boston we hope you will consider joining FamilyAid Boston's 2017 Marathon team! 

Click here to learn more and fill out the application. We can't wait for next year!

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