New Song Church July-Sept. 2018

It's hard to believe summer is half way over and school supplies will be on sale soon. At New Song, we've been busy planning for the next few months. Please take a look at the following activities and don't forget to add them to your calendars! 

SUMMER SPLASH July 21 After worship

Grab your kids, some towels and a change of clothes and come outside for lots of fun after worship on the 21st. We are planning water play for all ages. 
Did anyone say "Water balloons."?


 August 11th 

Kids of all ages are invited to bring their backpacks for a Back to School Blessing. A prayer and a blessing---what a special way to start a new school year. Afterwards, we'll gather on the parking lot for hot dog sliders and fixins! Bring friends and neighbors! This will be a fun night for everyone!

 September 8 6:30-8:30

SuperSaturday begins again after worship on September 8th.. Teachers met this week to plan for the year and can't wait to hook up with the kids again! 

The Boyds (no not a rock group), Sally, Tom and Tanner will once again lead the New Song Youth along with guest teacher Rex who will join them for several sessions. Pam and Michael Jennings will teach the SuperKids, children in elementary school. Jenny Bosworth and Brona Sarchett are returning to teach the Songbirds, children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Thanks, teachers! 

Just so you can mark your calendars now... 
 October 6 6:30-8:30 


This year New Song's theme is Church Is A Verb. Curious? Interested? Come to worship on September 8th to hear about it. This theme is family friendly, people friendly---and God friendly!

 Sunday, Oct. 14 2:00----??? 

The fall festival has become an annual event for New Song folks and friends. Hosted by Pam and Michael Jennings at their "farm" in Wildwood, there will be lots of activities for young and old alike---plus a potluck for dinner. 

Family friendly worship services Saturdays at 5:30.

Loving volunteers are ready in the child care room at 5:15 to receive children under second grade. Older children are invited to participate fully in worship. To help children transition to worship, there are books for use on the back bookshelf and activity bags by the welcome sign in the foyer. Children are invited to participate in a Children's Sermon every week that is especially for them.


Help is needed in the following areas. Please consider volunteering!

  • Food for the Sliders: Sign up at Worship or Contact Rex
--hot dogs, buns, drinks, water, condiments, chips, dessert
  • Meals for SuperSaturday: Sign up at Worship or Contact Michael Jennings.
We need meal providers for approximately 25 kids and teachers for each month Sept-May. Alone or a group, we'll love your soup!

  • Child Care Volunteers: Contact Brona Sarchett at

 from Adults Relating to Kids

Self Affirmations

*God is Love. I am God's child.

*God loves me for who I am rather than for what I do.

*I forgive and love myself.

Children's Affirmations

*My child is a gift from God.

*My child is a person who deserves respect.

*I love my child for who he/she is rather than for what he/she does.


*I will tell my child "I love you" every day.

*I will pray for my child every day.


Enjoy the rest of the summer---and try to stay cool! We hope to see you soon.

Pam Jennings, Children's Ministry