August 2011

Linda Richmand, Certified Professional Coach


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Could Discontentment be a Positive Trait Necessary for Human Evolution?
Create Time to Manage Time

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Could Discontentment be a Positive Trait Necessary for Human Evolution?

      It is our nature as humans to strive for contentment.  Yet, everyone alive has experienced dissatisfaction. You know the feeling.... your life could be fuller, work is too boring, your relationships could be more satisfying, or you could be in better shape.  While we strive for contentment we are rarely completely satisfied for long.


   While many would find these thoughts depressing, I have a more Darwinistic view.  I propose they are necessary for our species to move forward and evolve. I have never known anyone to accomplish something great without first recognizing the problem they want to solve. 


      What if we approached discontentment as we do the middle of a good story?  Just like a juicy book requires conflict and resolution, people need to overcome and persevere in order to move forward.  So, the next time you are feeling bored at work, unsettled in a relationship or dissatisfied with your health, don't wallow in it,  ask yourself what you are going to do about it...... and do it!   Then you can feel content for a while, and that is always nice.  :)

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Create Time to Manage Time

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To Achieve a More Balanced

 and Productive Life

       Although the top reason clients seek coaching remains to get "unstuck" or move forward in their lives, time-management is a close second.   So why do well-meaning, intelligent individuals neglect to complete their most important work and personal tasks?  Most know the stress their procrastination causes and how great they would feel to just get it all done.  


     Reasons I have heard include....


"I make to-do lists, then lose them."


"I work best under pressure, so I tend to do things last minute.  But, now too many things have piled up."


"I lose track of time, and the next thing I know nothing is accomplished."


"I am so overwhelmed by what is on my plate that I can't get started."


     While each complaint seems to differ, the underlying cause is often the same. Most individuals with time management issues find it difficult to rationalize using precious time to adequately plan and visualize their day.  Some mistakenly believe their "to-do" lists are enough.  


     If you believe you do not have time in your day to implement a time-management system, think again.  Is what you are doing now working?  


      The aim of all time management coaching is to create acute awareness of what needs to be accomplished, how it will get accomplished, when it will be accomplished and what may get in the way. 

In my practice, I utilize a four-step system customized to meet each client's specific business and personal goals.


     Once a time-management process is established, upkeep frequently takes less than five minutes a day!  A five-minute investment of time that can increase productivity, decrease stress, create life-balance and raise self-esteem.  Seems like a good investment to me!


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