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On August 11, 2017, protests emerged at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. White extremists carrying torches tried to inflict fear and intimidation against those who wanted to remove the General Robert E. Lee monument. Heather Heyer was murdered during the protest when a car racing through the crowds struck her.

We remember Heather Heyer and her ultimate sacrifice in Standing Against Racism, Hatred and Bigotry. We stand in solidarity against all acts of violence and oppression.

YWCAs across America will continue to work towards our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all!

"White nationalism is antithetical to our values at YWCA Richmond - and, more than that, it's just plain wrong. Last night and today's marches are indicative of the larger issue of racism that we must address at every level.  It takes each of us to root out hatred and injustice in our communities to create a more equitable Virginia and a safer United States."
                                                                       -YWCA RICHMOND CEO LINDA TISSIERE

Please click HERE to be directed to the YWCA USA website to view further statements by fellow YWCAs. 

 YWkids Summer 2017
Mrs. Ramos and Ms. Rose's class enjoyed a trip to Buttonwood Zoo.  One of many field trips during the YWkids Summer Camp 2017! Youth had the opportunity to learn and have fun. How exciting it was to observe bears, otters, seals and much more! 

                                                                                         "Today you are YOU
that is TRUER than true
THERE is No ONE alive 
WHo is

- Dr Seuss

For more information on YWkids  enrollment, please contact YWkids Program Director Tracey Saloman by email: tsaloman@ywcasema.org or by phone: 508-525-7961
 Girls Exclusive Summer 2017!
The Girls Exclusive Summer program is designed to provide girls ages 10-14 with the opportunity to empower themselves and others within a positive environment.  Each girl is enriched with various skills such as etiquette, anti-bullying, internet safety, cultural competency, babysitting, social skills, and financial management while having fun! The girls also participated in yoga and kickboxing, as well as many exciting field trips including Lazer Gate and Water Wizz.
Girls Exclusive appeared on the Dartmouth Community Television's "Voice of Women" show hosted by Gail Fortes! Click HERE to view the show on Youtube and see the girls discuss important topics such as bullying and internet safety.
 Girls Exclusive at the Lazer Gate Field Trip! Learning strategy and team work!
For more information about the Girls Exclusive Program, please contact Girls Exclusive Program Coordinator Lindsey Rocha by phone: 508-999-3255 or by email: ge@ywcasema.org
 In the Community
YWCA Southeastern MA launched a new program this summer:  Youth/Police Dialogues.  This is  a nationally recognized program developed by the YW Boston, to provide a safe, structured way for young people and police officers to come together, speak openly and build trust and community.

Fifteen youth, ages 12-16, and six members of the New Bedford Police Department Gang Unit participated in the 6 session dialogue series held at Dennison Memorial Community Center.

Youth/Police Dialogues engage young people and police and supports them to be invested and active change agents in their community for the long-term.   Over the course of six dialogue sessions trained facilitator's lead a group of youth and police officers in voicing and addressing negative experiences and stereotypes and exploring how youth-police relationships affect community safety.

The program is funded by the United Way of Greater New Bedford South End Engaged Initiative.  For more information about the program, please contact Gail Fortes, Executive Director at 508-999-3255 or by email at gfortes@ywcasema.org

 Adult Services
 Widowed Person's Program

On August 8, 2017, the Widowed Person's Program held their memorial service in honor of of the spouses of program participants who have passed away. It was a beautiful service filled with support, emotion and memories of their loved ones.

Widowed Person's Program is a support system for individuals who have lost a spouse. The program has regular meetings, socials, and an open ear and heart to listen and assist those who are dealing with the grieving process. 

For more information about the program, please contact the Widowed Person's Program Director Linda Rose by phone: 508-999-3255 or email: lrose@ywcasema.org

 YWCA Women's Residential Program "A Woman's Place" has two current openings. 
For more information please contact Annamarie Lopes by phone: 508-999-3255 or email: alopes@ywcasema.org
 YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts is Hiring for Multiple Positions!
Girls Exclusive Instructor

Girls Exclusive Instructor will be responsible for supervising, planning and implementing program activities. The Girls Exclusive Instructor is also required to incorporate mission impact programming into the curriculum in the areas of Economic Empowerment and Racial Justice.

YWkids Group Leader

YWkids Group Leader is responsible for implementing the Mission of YWCA. Must supervise the health, welfare and safety of the children. Group Leader will engage and interact with children and plan theme based activities. Knowledge and understanding of Department Early Education and Care (EEC) regulations is required.

YWkids Assistant Group Leader

YWkids Assistant Group Leader is responsible for implementing the Mission of YWCA. Supervision of welfare, safety and health of children is a must. Assists Group Leader with group activities and snack. Required to be a bus monitor when needed or scheduled. Must have knowledge and understanding of the Department of Early Education an Care (EEC) regulations.

Click HERE to be directed to our website for more information on our current available positions.

All interested candidates can email their resumes and cover letters to  Catherine Bourassa cbourassa@ywcasema.org or mail to 20 S. Sixth Street, New Bedford MA, 02740.

For questions please call  Catherine Bourassa 508-993-5858


About the YWCA Southeastern MA:

The YWCA Southeastern MA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. For more information, visit: www.ywcasema.org.


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