First I want to thank you for your support and interest in Project Mobility. It makes myself and the entire Project Mobility Crew so thankful that we have such a dedicated following who truly supports our efforts.

We are a little late on our Summer Newsletter (the summer is our busiest season), better late then never!

We have exciting news to share with you regarding amazing milestones and accomplishments for Project Mobility for 2018.

  • We are celebrating giving away 14 adaptive bicycles this year - Tyler, Tynan, Lilia, Brayden, Ryan, Frankie, Dallas, Owen, Mia, Junior, Avery, Alex, Logan and Brayden are all riding their adaptive bikes this year!
  • We supported 15 soldier rides with wounded veterans - We are very appreciative to be a part of these rides. We get to give some freedom back to the individuals who fought for our freedom. We feel it is the least we can do to show our support for those who have served and risked their lives for us.
  • We provided 47 adaptive bike days and in-services with many different disability organizations, hospitals and schools across the country
  • We went to 19 different states and traveled 24,336 miles so far this year! 

This was all made possible because of your generosity. We also hope you would keep Project Mobility in mind when making any year-end donations. Please know your support is ultimately making a difference in the lives of children, adults and wounded soldiers with disabilities and you are bringing much needed encouragement to their families.

We have given away $45,500
in adaptive cycling equipment!
*Donations are tax deductible*
Recipients of 2018
These 2 Kids Still Need YOUR Help!
*Donations are tax deductible*
As you may recall, the Honeyman Family has been a big part of this community for a very long time. We have owned and operated The Bike Rack for over 43 years. It was 26 years ago that life changed as we knew it for myself and my wife, we had triplets very premature at 27 weeks. All 3 babies were less than two pounds. The neonatologist told us it would be a miracle if all three survived. Two days after they were born, Jacob had a massive brain bleed which dramatically changed our lives as he was eventually diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

We have always had a passion for cycling which has brought us here today! We wanted our son Jacob to ride a bike with his sisters so I set out to find something that would work and I found a 3 wheel adaptive
bike and for the first time in his life Jacob was riding a bike!

Jacob has paved the way for the numerous people we have helped since we began in 2002. All this would not be possible without our generous donors. So thank you!

To continue our goals if you could please take a moment to make an end-of-year donation by clicking on the Donate button below or visiting our website . Thank you in advance for making it another special year!

On behalf of all of us at the Project Mobility, we thank you for your continued generosity and the unconditional support you have shared with us over the years.

Warm regards,
Hal Honeyman
Founder of Project Mobility

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*Donations are tax deductible*
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