Summer 2017
Child Spotlight: Meet Kizito

Kizito, one of the first four students to graduate from our village high school, 
exemplifies the value of investing in education. B ecause he had the opportunity to finish high school, he qualified to attend Mityana Agricultural and Technical Institute through our new scholarship program. He is learning more advanced farming techniques to bring back to the village to teach others. Kizito will now be equipped to help us develop our farmland into a demonstration area for the village. 

He is a positive role model for other students and serves faithfully  on the leadership team for children's ministry. His motto is, "Love God, Love Children, and Love Sunday School!"  What a privilege to play a role in equipping Kizito to fulfill his potential!

Click Here to hear Kizito tell you about his love of teaching children
Spring Mission Trip Recap

In April, a talented mission team headed over to Uganda joined by our committed Ugandan staff and a big team from our Ugandan partner ministry, Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries (UCOM) for a few days as well. At one point, our little 900 square foot mission house was bursting with 22 people! 

The early part of the trip was focused on uplifting the church and community spiritually. We were thrilled to have Pastor Aaron Grey and Kyle Hackett from Sound City Bible Church join with pastors from UCOM working together through daily seminars and outreaches to area schools. They came to "get to know the ministry of HEED," and they both survived the "off-grid" African experience and hope to return with teams from Sound City in the future. We hope so, too!

Chris Peterson was back for his sixth trip to pour out love and mentoring to the boys all while trying to complete a long punch list of projects related to water and our new dormitories. Haley Millet and Cheri Herzer, repeat travelers, teamed up to bring powerful health teachings to the kids, work with the school nurse, and do follow-up on the farming and entrepreneurial trainings from previous trips. Barbara Snow, treasurer for HEED, continues training our team in accounting and Quickbooks, and diligently completed an audit. Julie soaked up time with the kids, the staff and villagers between lots and lots of productive meetings. Every day started with a heavenly chorus as we all worshiped (in English and sometimes Luganda) together before embarking on our full days.

A few weeks after the team returned, Sound City Bible Church hosted a photo sharing night for HEED at the church office. Two dozen supporters of HEED gathered to hear first-hand from those who attended April's trip. You can watch a recording of the event by clicking: here To see more photos of the kids and village, click here .

Announcing New Scholarship Program!

We are excited about a new program that will help more children equitably access education. HEED was birthed to care for 17 children in 2005. The first-step of providing for them came through sponsors who have faithfully supported our "full care kids" for over ten years. Their consistent giving has been the backbone of HEED, and we are so grateful!

As the ministry has grown to have almost five hundred children enrolled in our village schools, we have had two side-by-side programs: the village school children and the sponsored children most of whom switched to attend our village schools. This resulted in the needs of some children being met well and others not. We wanted to find a more equitable approach. Also as sponsorship programs are maturing, a common dynamic is surfacing: sponsored children can experience feelings of superiority and entitlement that affects their relationship with other children, teachers, and parents/guardians. At the same time, parents of sponsored children can absolve themselves of parental duties once they learn the child's school needs are being met by an American. Sadly, some of the sponsored children start to view their American sponsor as their functional "parent". 

Moving forward, we want to keep the best parts of the sponsorship program alive, but also tweak the program to better  help and equip the people of Kyakitanga to provide for themselves in the future. After much thought and research, we believe the best way to balance both is to offer a Scholarship Program in place of the Sponsorship Program.  For sponsors here, things will look relatively the same, but for the children, there will be a stronger focus on parental participation, local accountability and giving back.

Funds for the Scholarship Program will be "pooled" to provide consistent income for school operating costs and teacher salaries; basic necessities for the children including meals, school supplies, and medical care; and scholarships for children whose families can't afford our small school fees. A ll of the current sponsored children will be transferred to the new scholarship program, and we have an additional group of about 20 very needy students who we would like to provide tuition scholarships for so that they can also access education. 

Kolodina is a 10 year old girl we would like to reach through our scholarship program. Her father has passed away,
and her mom cares for 5 children in this makeshift home.

A monthly scholarship contribution of $10 will cover the cost for one child to attend primary school, and a monthly contribution of $20 will cover the cost for one young adult to attend high school. If you'd like to participate in the scholarship program,  click here .
Speaking Opportunities

We love to share with children and small groups about HEED, life in Uganda, and the many ways God has shown us His faithfulness. If you have a sharing opportunity, let us know. We would be honored, and promise not to ask for donations! 
Email: Julie@heeduganda.org.

Join Us in Prayer

We would like to raise up a larger Prayer Team for consistent and urgent prayer needs in an interactive, on-line group. If you'd like to join us, please e-mail heeduganda@gmail.com with the subject line "Add me to the prayer group". We would love to have you on our prayer team!

Answered Prayers (SO MANY!!)
  • A safe and productive mission trip April 17- May 5.
  • The support and encouragement of HEED through Sound City Bible Church.
  • Provision to purchase a large piece of land that connects to our high school and will allow for a better high school campus, more demonstration farming and income for the schools.
  • God directing us to the right Project Coordinator in the village and new pastor for the village church. God clearly led and both have been a blessing.
  • For the outpouring of support from our partner ministry for the village church and ministry while our team was in Uganda. We are thankful for their purposeful mentoring of our new pastor, Peter, who graduated from their Bible College.
  • Business at the bar on the sliver of land between our mission house and girls' dormitory is way down. Keep praying the owner is willing to sell it, and we pray for a fair price.
Prayer requests:
  • For the stalled Rotary Grant project for the primary school to resume and the needed reimbursement to HEED to come through.
  • For time availability and wise leadership by the talented, new Ugandan board.
  • For eternal, spiritual fruit in the lives of the children we serve.
  • Financial provision for the Scholarship Program and classroom construction.
Fun Facts

How do you say, Kyakitanga? 

    • "Chach Tanga"

How many languages are spoken in Uganda?

    • 27 local languages, and there are three different languages spoken in our little village. English is taught in school and allows for friendships to form among the different tribal groups.

How far do kids walk to the schools? 

    • Some are close and some are VERY far away! Kodolina, above, walks 15 kilometers each way

How many people does HEED employ? 

    • HEED has 29 teachers and 13 non-teaching staff on our team in Uganda. That's a lot of jobs you help us provide! In the US, we are still all-volunteer.

What is HEED's "roadmap for ministry?" 

    • Help, evangelize, disciple & equip. In that order. Starting with help for practical needs, we introduce the gospel bringing hope and peace. Next comes discipleship programs to help children know and follow God's calling in their life. Finally, we focus on equipping to empower them toward their best future.
Weebale Nyo!

That's "thank you very much!" in Luganda. We hear this and over again from the children and villagers for th e difference you are helping us make in their lives. Thank you for equipping us to reach out  in love to the area that was once n icknamed unlucky.