Educational Outreach

On February 9 th , SeaKeepers partnered with Miami Waterkeeper to host a floating classroom and island cleanup aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Julia from Fleet Miami.

Community Engagement

On March 8 th , SeaKeepers partnered with Debris Free Oceans for a beach cleanup, with a total of 90 volunteers removing 190 pounds of trash from the beach.

Community Engagement

On June 6 th , SeaKeepers implemented the Kayak Cleanup Captains Program, where volunteers lead a cleanup effort in their community independently.

Scientist-Led Expedition

On June 26 th , SeaKeepers partnered with Nova Southeastern University to deploy a commercial grade mini ROV from the tender of D/Y Marcato.

Community Engagement

On June 28 th , 2020, SeaKeepers hosted our first cleanup since quarantine began in March. Masks were required and volunteers arrived at separate times to receive cleanup materials. 

SeaKeepers Spotlight
During these unprecedented times, SeaKeepers has created a "Get-To-Know" series on Instagram TV where we highlight our program partners and the work we've achieved through our DISCOVERY Yacht Program. To watch the series of interviews, click the link below.

On World Oceans Day, SeaKeepers HQ partnered with the SeaKeepers Asia Chapter on an international photo contest about "Why I Love the Ocean." This contest had an intention to generate awareness for ocean protection through creative and beautiful imagery submitted by over 50 contestants.

The event ended on June 22 nd , with the top 3 photo contest winners awarded a one year Ocean Ambassador membership and a SeaKeepers Single-Use Alternative Kit.
Through the Porthole
Nudibranchs ( Nudibranchia )

Nudibranchs, commonly known as sea slugs, are a group of shell-less marine molluscs. Their name means 'naked gill', referring to the breathing apparatus on the outside of their soft bodies.

The sea slug, pictured to the right, was entered in our World Oceans Day Photo Contest and won first place, to generate awareness for ocean protection.
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