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Brothers International
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Many thanks to Brothers International Food Corporation for partnering up with Achieve and believing in both our mission and the quality of work that our clients can produce! 

Brothers International has become a big part of keeping our Achievers working.  They have provided us with 57,000 bags of fruit crisps in which the ingredient portion of these bags needs to be corrected. When making the decision to use a manual labeling process, our Achievers came to mind as the perfect candidates to handle the job. We are proud to have been chosen for this work and are grateful for the opportunity to present the highest level of customer service! 

The Spotlight is on
Darius Weatherall, 
Brothers International "Achiever"!

Darius is one of our "achievers" who has been working on the Brothers International project.  He's been working at Achieve for over 8 years and we couldn't be prouder to have him as a part of our family.  Whenever Darius is spoken of, FANTASTIC, HARD WORKING, and PERFECTIONIST are the words that pass around.  

His supervisor says that he is capable of doing the work of three men and that he is definitely not your ordinary worker.  She calls him a true blessing to her group and is amazed by his attention to detail.  He will keep working until the job is done Just Right!  On top of being such a dedicated worker, he also is extremely kind and has a smile that lights up the room. 

Darius says, "Working at Achieve is wonderful.  I get a lot of paychecks and I really like my boss."  When we asked him how he likes working on the Brothers International labeling job he said, "It's lots of work.  It keeps me busy.  I like that kind of work."  

Congratulations to Darius for being an exceptional employee and a real pleasure to be around!
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