Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives
National Rebuilding Day - April 27, 2019
On National Rebuilding Day 2019, more than 1,600 volunteers from all walks of life rallied together and wielded hammers, paintbrushes and shovels to help their low-income neighbors in need. Rebuilding Together Peninsula joined forces with generous sponsors including corporations, foundations, and service organizations to fund projects and provide volunteers eager to paint, build fences and ramps, clear debris, and landscape sites from South San Francisco to Sunnyvale. All together, RTP restored 31 homes and 10 community facilities - neighbor helping neighbor - people helping people. After a hard day's work, everyone relaxed at our picnic at Oracle's Marine View Park to share stories and celebrate.

"For thirty years we've been repairing homes and revitalizing communities," said Melissa Lukin, RTP Executive Director. "Through partnerships with dedicated sponsors and volunteers, we help low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly, live in safe and healthy homes, age in place, and pass safe and affordable homes to the next generation."

THANK YOU to our volunteers, construction and volunteer captains, sponsors, and in-kind suppliers - we couldn't have done it without you!
Thank You
Stories from NRD
Colin, a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD, has lived in his home since 1988. He has fond memories of spending time with his grandmother and his children there. In order to work through his PTSD, Colin has created and collected art. But as the house, built in 1910, fell into disrepair, Colin could not make repairs himself and was less able or inspired to work on his art. On National Rebuilding Day 2019, Dome Construction helped Colin restore his home, and made it a safe and healthy living environment where he can continue to work on his art.
Lea and her family have lived in their home since 2015. Lea wasn't able to address the home's increasing need for repairs by herself because she lacked the skills, and because she spends nearly all her time caring for her disabled son, who was seriously injured in a bike accident. On National Rebuilding Day 2019, Moffat Construction widened the kitchen doorway, replaced window screens and tile, rehabilitated the deck and roof, added outdoor storage, and secured the entry ramp. Lea can breathe easier now, knowing that the home is safe and accessible for her son.
The mission of IHSD "is to provide excellent comprehensive child development and support services to the highest needs children 0-5 years old and their families in partnership with the community of San Mateo County." IHSD is a cornerstone of the East Palo Alto community. Children who attend benefit from child development, health and nutrition services, and family child care. On National Rebuilding Day 2019, Cooley LLP restored IHSD's facility, allowing them to continue what they do best -- having a profound impact on local families and on the community’s future.
Introducing She Builds
Through our She Builds program, we engage local companies, tradeswomen, and community partners in repairing women-owned homes and women-focused community facilities with volunteer teams powered by women. This year we initiated our first She Build, partnering with the Bay Area SMACNA’s Women in Construction group. They sponsored a home in East Palo Alto owned by two sisters. Our work transformed their house so that it could accommodate their extended family.
Captain Service Awards
Our dedicated Captains were honored for their years of service and unwavering support.
20 Years
Pete Hooper
15 Years 
Kevin Marks * Ed Greilich * Spence Leslie
10 Years
Chi-hwa Shao
5 Years
Mike Lynch * Bob Pereira
Sponsor Shoutout
Many thanks to the San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR) Foundation for awarding us a SAMCAR Foundation grant earlier this year. The funding we received from SAMCAR went toward restoring Kay's house on National Rebuilding Day. Kay -- who lives alone and wasn't able to repair her home by herself -- is originally from Korea and has lived in her house in Pacifica since 1977. With the funding from SAMCAR and volunteers from the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AR EAA) and the Young Men's Service League (YMSL), Kay's house was beautifully repaired and given new life. She can now relax, and live safely and comfortably, knowing that her house is in good shape.
Dreams Happen Gala & Auction
Over 300 in attendance!

RTP's biennial fundraising gala, Dreams Happen, took place June 1st at the Stanford Shopping Center. Five family-themed playhouses and one Eichler doghouse were auctioned off to a crowd of over 300 enthusiastic supporters. A very successful Fund-A-Need brought in donations for our home repair and community facility projects including much needed roof replacements.
Thank you to our Underwriters:
Super Nova
Facebook * John & Michele McNellis
Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
Stanford Shopping Center
The Wollenberg Foundation

W L Butler * Mindy & Jesse Rogers
Brad & Joyce Smith

Dome Construction * Nick Farwell
Kevin & Leslie Marks

Star Lighter
ABD Insurance & Financial Services
Canterbury Contractors * Commercial Casework Hayes Group Architects * Pat & Kim Popovits Principal Builders * Elizabeth Whitson
Emily Wu & Drew Hoffman * Char McCaskey
Guy Hollins

Moon Maker
Corinne Augustine * Kim Boyanowski
Vicky Lee & Alfred Chin * Robert & Justine Franklin
Yohann Jacob & Kacey Armstrong
David & Lara Krane
Rachel Rosati Warner & Steve Warner
Carl & Sarah Rosedahl
Peter & Paula Uccelli Foundation
Tri Counties Bank

Shooting Star
Gary & Connie Ahern * Mario & Danelle Rosati
Thank you to our Builders, Architects, Engineers, and Movers:
DES Architects + Engineers * Level 10 Construction * Pete Hooper Design * Hooper Construction
WRNS Studio * Truebeck Construction * Walker Warner Architects * Daedalus Structural Engineering
Lencioni Construction * Edgewood Builders * Backen & Gillam Architects * Barbara Butler Artist Builder Inc. Corovan Moving and Storage
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September 14, 2019 - Facebook Team Build
October 15, 2019 - Repair Application Deadline
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