The Summer is now under way! S'more S'mores are also in the works. If you know of a rising 6th grader or other potential new member, please forward this email to them and bring them to youth group.
Rising 6th Graders and New Members
Welcome to St. David's Youth Ministry! Youth Group is a large part of youth ministry at St. David's and meets every week between 4:30 and 6:30. Visit our website to see the calendar, registration information, and more. Feel free to just show up as well.

After Vacation Bible School, we will be camping out at St. David's and, yes, there will be S'Mores! The dates is June 25 and you do not need to have helped with VBS to attend. Feel free to stop by or spend the night.

July 8 to July 14 we are bringing 72 people to New Berlin, NY for our annual REACH mission trip.

As we engage in Christian Mission we are participating in the mission of God, giving and receiving the love of Christ. Watch this video to see more about this particular mission trip.
Rising College and College Bible Study
Rising College and College-aged adults who are in town for the summer have an opportunity. If you know of a person who is back from college or around for the summer and is that particular age, you may be interested in this Bible Study.

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