June & July 2017

Once again,  Jarunfest was a success! Our church organized a fun-filled event at Zagreb's favorite family destination - Jarun Lake. God was very generous to us and provided donations from several firms and local business as well as financial support from the City of Zagreb who has over the years come to recognized the importance and value of our project. Because of these donations we had the wonderful opportunity of serving the citizens of Zagreb through worship, preaching the Gospel and various activities for children, including theatrical performances, jumping houses and face painting. 

We distributed 1,400 meals (hot dogs and hamburgers) and along with those meals people received free Christian literature. We have seen Jarunfest grow with each successive year as more and more people attend and give to this event.Please, pray for all those who had the opportunity to hear the Gospel that day that, that seed would grow in their hearts.

From June 26 to June 29, we hosted a Vacation Bible School for children ages 6 to 12. Throughout these four days, children became "Galactic Starveyors" and learned about the God who created the entire universe, and his relationship with humans. Leading the  VBS was a team of Korean - Americans hailing from Washington D.C.. 26 children attended the VBS, and the following are some of their impressions:
"It was very nice, I liked when we shot balloons and when we ate spagetti. God touched me when we learned the song "We Fall Down" - Sara, 10 years
"I liked it because we sang, danced and had workshops. I got a bracelet! Everyone was good to us and cared for us very well. I would like to go to the vbs again. " - Kasija, 8 years
"The best thing was that very first day when we got a painting on our hands. Every day we got some presents. I will continue to sing songs and dance the dances we learned there." - Natko, 6 years


As we've mentioned in previous months, our worship band has been recording some of our own original music. We've been able to complete two songs so far and two of the radio stations based in Zagreb agreed to premiere the music. One of the stations did so last week. They called and had Bonnie do an interview over the phone, introducing the band and the songs to the public. The other radio station wants us to do an entire show and possibly even play live on their program. This is an awesome open door. Our goal is to record an entire album, however, this is a very time consuming and expensive project so you can be in prayer with us for that.


Before us is our very first youth camp which will be held in Gračac (a small village in Lika) from the 21st to the  24th of August, and will be led by our youth leaders Daniel and Gris Behin. The theme of this year's Summer Camp is "Find Your Identity". Please be in prayer for our young people. It can be difficult for them alone in their faith at school and in their neighborhoods. Supports such as youth camps and youth groups (where they gather with kids of the same beliefs and are encouraged in their faith) are important.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and generous support. We pray that God would continue to bless each and every one of you, give you rest during this summer and a wonderful time with your families.
In His Love, 
Mario and Bonnie
 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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