What is my camper's ID number?
You can find your camper's ID number by logging into your CampDoc account on the Summer Parent Portal. Please log into your account at https://culver.myschoolapp.com/ with your credentials and click on the Pre-Enrollment Forms tile. Once you select Registration Forms, you will see the list of forms on the right-hand side of the page. Select "Camper ID and Information" to see your camper's ID.

When do I get my camper's schedule?
Campers will receive their class schedules after they arrive for the summer. Please note that these are only for the first trimester. Campers will work with their counselors to schedule classes for the remaining two trimesters. Our scheduling offices make every effort to get campers into the classes they request at some point during the summer!

Can I arrive late to camp?
No. We ask that campers make every effort to arrive on time for registration on June 17th or 18th.
Should my child bring special equipment since I don’t know if they will have that class yet?
Yes, it is better to be prepared! Bring any special sports equipment (hockey, golf, tennis, lacrosse, etc.) you may think your child will need. Please mark all equipment with your camper's first and last name and ID number.

Why do I have to pay a uniform deposit?
If your child is a first-year camper or returning (but new to Upper School), they are required to submit a uniform deposit. The uniform deposit is a close estimate of what an entire set of required uniforms will cost. Any unused uniform deposit will be applied to other charges on your account or refunded at the end of camp.

If you have not paid your uniform deposit, please see the instructions below:

How to Pay the Uniform Deposit
  1. Please log in to your Culver Summer Camp Parent Portal at https://culver.myschoolapp.com. From there you will navigate to the Parent Resource Board and click on the Smart Tuition tile. That will redirect to your Smart Tuition Account.
  2. Select the Purchase Optional Items tab. 
  3. Select the appropriate camper, then click on the uniform deposit based on camp and gender.
  4. Review the totals.
  5. Click on Pay Now to select your payment method using a credit/debit card or checking, or savings account.

Can I visit the Uniform Department to purchase uniform items prior to registration?
No, we ask that you wait until you arrive for registration day to purchase any additional items you may need.

Can my physician fill out the physical form if they do not practice in the state of Indiana? Do I need a tuberculosis screening prior to arriving on campus?
Yes, any physician can fill out the IHSAA physical form regardless of where they practice. This is just a standard form that Culver uses. You do not need to be screened for TB unless you have been exposed, however, you do still need to complete the form on CampDoc.

What is the haircut policy?
The haircut policy can be found under Rules and Regulations in the Guidebook here.

When will Spiritual Life services begin?
Spiritual life services will begin the weekend of June 25. More information can be found in the Guidebook under the Spiritual Life tab here.

How can I help my child have the best camp experience as a new camper?

Culver is a member of Prep4Camp, which provides tools for kids and their caregivers as to how to maximize their sleep away camp experience.