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Summer summer summer! Need I say more? Well, okay, but the best part of everything is happening right now, and we're so happy to share it with you. In case you haven't heard, our Summer Party is happening on July 29, there are a tonne of other events going on, and we've found the cutest summer accessory - too bad it's only for kids 0 - 3. Check it all out below.

See you soon!

PS, Don't forget the sunscreen

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Snacks and snacking :)
NEW! Hours will roll-over!
Music with Carlos - July 5
New to Buddings? Check out:
Buddings Summer Party - July 29
We're hosting Slip 'N Slide 2012 on July 29 at China Creek Park, starting around 2pm. You can get all the details from our website or Facebook and you're more than welcome to share and invite your friends. It's a 100 feet of soap and speed, with a nice easy landing and a zero injury track record for 2 years. There's even a video of our test run last weekend to get you totally pumped. 

It's a free family and friends event, so bring a picnic and a frisbee, lots of sunscreen, and something inflatable to go down on. :) We'll be there from 2pm until 7 or 8, so don't worry about being "on time," just make sure you come.  

See you there!

Spreading the Buzz pays off!
We're so happy with all the new people checking us out! Thank you to everyone who's been writing reviews, sharing newsletters, tweeting, retweeting... oh, everything you've been doing to help us has been awesome! Thank you!

The 10 hours of free daycare will be awarded by random draw at the end of August, so there's still tonnes of time to add some entries, but in the meantime, we wanted to show some some appreciation to some of our biggest supporters. 

For making us the most reviewed daycare in Vancouver on, (count 'em, 11 raves!), we want to thank our most recent reviewers, Jana, Penny, and Lisa. You guys rock! Please be our guests at the Flash Mob Dance Party on July 28 at Granville Island. 

And, in case you thought this was all about the past, we have one more family pass give to the first person to share or forward this newsletter. Don't forget to cc Talia. ;)
Our contest has 4 ways to win, and even if you've already done one or more, you'll be entered to win again and again. Visit our website for all the details. 
Snacks are rolling out! Be sure to sign up!
We've been getting used to the tastes and food preferences of our buddies, and our snack menu has been improving to match. In fact, most of the kids are so into the Buddings snacks that the cooking has become one of our favourite activities each day. Cooking with kids is ridiculously fun, of course, but eating what you make is even better. So we're not surprised when the kids who help cook want to try the treats. 
You can find the daily snacks on our Google Calendar (off the Events Page) and when you book into 10am or 3pm, the system asks you if you'll bring a snack or purchase the Buddings snack. If your child loves to stir and break eggs, or if they are the type to want to try what everyone else is eating, please opt in to the snack program. Even if they don't end up liking the daily snack (too many chocolate chips in the pancakes, etc.), we'll be sure to find something healthy they will eat. :)

For the rest of July, if your child is interested in the daily snack, but hasn't opted in, we'll try to check in, either at drop off or by phone. If you don't mind if we give them snacks if they ask for it, we'll make a note for future.  
Now that the sun is out, there are tonnes of events to attend, and we wanted to let you know about some of the coolest we've seen. 
July 14, 2012 - Kidtopia Family Sports Day, UBC, 10am - 1pm
Kidtopia is a program of active family events, with two super cool events this month! The Family Sports Day is happening this Saturday at UBC, from 10am to 1pm, with obstacle courses, races, and fun in the sun! 
July 15, 2012 - Edible Container Workshop, East Van, 10 - 11am
Gardening for small spaces might be the most appropriate skill for a Vancouverite, especially one who will grow up in our super-dense city. Bring kids to Aloe Designs' workshop and learn how.
July 20, 2012 - Hip Baby Silhouette Artist, West 4th, 10am - 6pm
Karl Johnson - silhouette artist to the stars - will be in Vancouver doing one of a kind hand cut silhouettes at Hip Baby next Friday.  
July 28, 2012 - Flash Mob Dance Party, Granville Island, 10:30am
Register, learn the moves, and show up. It's a Flash Mob. That's all there is to it.  
July 29, 2012 - Buddings Summer Slip 'N Slide, China Creek Park, 2pm
See above. 
More awesome August events in the next newsletter :)

Spot Light


So the summer's here, and it's too hot for tights, but you might still like something between your child's diaper and the sofa. Check out Play Pants, a local company making ridiculously cute butt accessories for children 0 - 3. 

Music with Carlos next Thursday
Carlos Foulds
We've talked about it before, and now, the day is finally upon us! Music with Carlos has been added to our calendar! 
Starting next week, he will be stopping in every other Thursday from 5 - 7 pm, creating a live sound track to our evenings and, depending on the ages of the kids in attendance, teaching songs and games, playing guitar with Lawrence, and generally making our Music & Movement Thursdays more musical. 
Find the schedule for the next few weeks on our google calendar.

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