With the flowers blooming, the longer days and the frantic energy of spring sports and year end school activities, summer is fast approaching! 

Summer is a wonderful time of year to be active. It is a wonderful time to be outside and appreciate the beauty and energy of the season. It is also a very hard time of year to develop and maintain habits. There is so much activity happening in the summer, our patterns and routines change.

How can we find time for our yoga?

So many of us have visions of cultivating our yoga practice and then we feel guilty if we don’t do it.  What if you could transform that guilt into a feeling of success by finding habit forming strategies that are easier for you?!?!?

Gretchen Rubin , podcaster and author of several books including “The Four Tendencies” presents a very accessible and practical model for thinking about how we develop habits and respond to expectations - both the expectations we set for ourselves and those others set for us.  When we know how we respond to expectations, we can work with our natural tendency to develop habits in ways that work for us (hint...just putting it on your calendar doesn’t work for everyone!!!).

What is your natural tendency?
Think about when you have successfully developed a habit in the past. Which of the following most describes you:

  1. I knew it was important so I decided to do it. I created a schedule, built it into my routine and stuck to it. (Upholder)
  2. I did a bunch of research so I knew it was important. I became clear on what I wanted to accomplish.Then I was able to stick to it. (Questioner)
  3. I decided it was an important habit, so I signed up for a class or found a friend to do it with me. Knowing that I made that commitment, I was able to stick with it. (Obliger)
  4. Even though I knew it was important, I just felt boxed in by sticking to a routine so I told myself that I was doing it for a higher cause or because I was someone who could develop the habit. Because I had something to prove, I could stick with it (as long as I gave myself freedom to stray from the course). (Rebel)

What does this have to do with your yoga practice? If you know how you best respond to expectations, you can leverage your strengths to support your yoga (and you can also recognize what to avoid). Click here for a few tips to get you started.

Yoga Roots is excited to offer two summer pass options, bi-weekly tips and suggestions, class attendance reports, and motivation emails to support you all summer long based upon your tendency! We will also have a CELEBRATION at the end of the summer and PRIZES will be awarded to the person who does the most classes, variety of classes and most outdoor classes.

Pass options:

Good Habits Pass: $199 Get 21 yoga classes between June 1-Aug 31st

Summer Lifestyle Pass: $299 Unlimited Summer Pass June 1-Aug 31st
(this pass cannot be shared)

Memorial Day SALE - One day only get $10 OFF

Interested in learning more about the Four Tendencies? 

Take the four tendencies quiz to learn more here:

Read more about the four tendencies here:

Listen to a podcast about the four tendencies and yoga:

We hope you’ll join us on this journey and let this be the summer where you find the habit-forming strategies that work for you!

Here’s to creating some new summer habits!

Erika Schramm
Skylight Coaching & Consulting