As we say goodbye to summer,  we want to say THANK YOU
to our generous givers and vacation donors for making 75 uniquely special vacations
possible so far in 2017.  Even more women enjoyed spa days with friends, concerts,
sporting events, fun at Kings Island, and other fun-only  stuff - all thanks to you. 
"KWF gave our family more than just time away together to have fun.  The gift you have given us keeps on giving.  I now have been able to start LIVING.  From the time I was told I had breast cancer, I internally died and could find no way out.  But this trip has given me time to heal and to realize that there is still life all about. Words cannot say how much we appreciate opening your home to our family."  Susan
"Thank you for the gift oa vacation that provided exactly what our family needed and more before facing the unknown road ahead.  We are stronger and happier because of our time together.  It is amazing what a little R & R can do for your outlook and mental health!  Karen Wellington could see the silver lining in storms brewing overhead.  I will be facing similar storms and plan to LIVE every moment as an active, involved participant in the world around me. There are still so many things to experience and ways to make a difference.  I am sure Karen would agree, there is no reason to stop now."  Amy
Take a close look at the photos below
or those shared almost daily on our FACEBOOK 
page (link below).
You'll see family. You'll see friends. You'll see FUN.
You'll see women who are NOT DONE LIVING yet,
and others with a renewed faith in tomorrow. 
Many more trips to come this year and others already scheduled for 2018!
 Keep those vacation homes coming so we can move more of our families of our waiting list.

A week of your vacation home/timeshare/condo,
to a woman/family LIVING with breast cancer.
Over the years our network of friends who share our mission
has expanded to Chapters across the country!

 To contact a Chapter Leader in your area,
click on the city link below: