"Develop Christ-centered students who aspire to excellence
and impact their communities for Him."
JUNE 2021
"You have granted me life and steadfast love,
    and your care has preserved my spirit" (Job 10:12).
Look of a Lion
Learning, Living, and Leading with Integrity
An NVCA Lion is more than a school athlete. NVCA expects essential student outcomes from each student academically, spiritually, and socially. Throughout each school year, the "Look of a Lion" theme and its attributes are incorporated biblically through scripture from preschool through high school to ensure the evidence will manifest in our students' lives while on and off campus. Throughout the school year, NVCA faculty encourage, motivate, and award students for their efforts in meeting the Look of a Lion expectations. This program is one that keeps us on track with our mission to "Develop Christ-centered students who aspire to excellence and impact their communities for Him."
High School Graduation
We cannot be more proud of the 21 high school students we graduated this year. All of them are amazing individuals who will go out from NVCA to pursue their goals and impact their communities for Christ.

Students received a total of $1,403,924 in scholarships. Four received athletic scholarships to play college athletics, and 14 received academic scholarships.

Some of the colleges our graduates will be attending are:
  • ASU
  • NAU
  • ACU
  • GCU
  • Glendale Community College
  • Central College in Iowa
  • Pacific University in Oregon
  • Concordia University in Wisconsin
  • Hope International University in California
  • UC Irvine in California

We pray God will use them mightily for His glory throughout their lives.
Middle School Promotions
This year NVCA graduated 33 middle school students of which 31 will be returning for high school next year. More than half of our middle school students graduated with honors.

We are proud of all of them for their accomplishments and pray for a successful high school experience.
Preschool Celebration
Our Preschool Celebration was a great evening where our students were able to share something special and meaningful from their classroom. Mrs. Searl's class sang "Skina-marinka-dinka-dink" and shared the class battle verse, and Ms. Macie's class sang their calendar song and battle verse. Our PK classes shared their battle verse, Mrs. Ciliberti's students acted out "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and Mrs. Thoele's class acted out "No Room for Elephants."

We ended by praising Jesus together in song and thanking Him in prayer. It was fun for all preschool students to celebrate the end of the year together and to share that with their families.
Kindergarten Promotion
Kindergarten Promotion was held on Tuesday, May 25. NVCA is extremely proud of the hard work from our kindergarteners this year. The promotion was a wonderful celebration of their hard work, perseverance, and growth throughout this school year. Our kindergarteners celebrated their growth in learning, maturity, and excitement for Jesus, which was a perfect end to the school year. First grade, here they come!
Kindergarten Signing Day
NVCA's second annual Kindergarten Signing Day was a huge success on May 26. This event celebrated the entrance of our upcoming kindergarten students for the 2021-2022 school year. Each student was celebrated with an "official" signing of his/her certificate into kindergarten and a "Kindergarten Signing Day"
T-shirt. NVCA is extremely excited to have such a fantastic group of kindergarten students and families for the upcoming year.
Elementary AR Awards
Growing in reading is a huge goal for our elementary students, grades one through five. On May 17, we celebrated our first AR (Accelerated Reader) awards ceremony. We presented awards to students with the most growth in their classroom, most words read this year, students who have reached their goals each month, and the student who read over a million words this year.
1st—Shayland Thorndike and Canaan Johnson
2nd—Gianna Ball
3rd—Annie Mancuso and Avery Okagu
4th—Alexa Bernal
5th—Noah Miller and Bradley Miner
1st—Shayland Thorndike and Serena Skelley
2nd—Declan McCormick
3rd—Bella Benso
4th—Olive Wedge
5th—Suzy Goold
3rd—Annie Mancuso
4th—Jude Ebert, Audrey Naranjo and Olive Wedge
5th—Preston Jaehnig
Melina Key—1,117,138 words read!
NVCA Lions Roar!
Growing High School Athletics
We are so proud of our boys basketball team for winning our 1A West Region and the AIA State Championship! Our stunt team won two stunt competitions this past year. The girls volleyball team made it to the playoffs for the second time in school history. For the upcoming 2021-2022 school year we plan to offer: 
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer (Coed)
  • Cross-Country (Coed)
  • Stunt (Coed)
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golf (Coed)
Middle School Athletics
on the Rise
We were able to field a middle school softball team for the first time in NVCA history this past year. Our baseball team made it to the second round of playoffs. Our boys basketball team won the small school championship, and our stunt team won three competitions this past year. Middle school sports programs planned for 2021-22 are:
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer (Coed)
  • Stunt (Coed)
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cross-Country (Coed)
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Golf (Coed)
Our Spring Play Was a Hit!
Spring Theatre and Dance Presentation
A total of 130 students (K-12) comprised the cast and crew of Disney's "The Little Mermaid, Jr." presented the end of April. Miss Kim Cooper and her students were also featured on the news a couple of weeks after the show ended. Watch video clip here.

What is unique about NVCA's theatre and dance program is that we incorporate the biblical worldview with our students and discuss the relationships between characters, plot, and so forth. With Disney's "The Little Mermaid, Jr." students compared stories from the Bible to the characters in the musical and discussed at length how God may have used them and lessons to be learned. Students took the time to research stories such as comparing Ariel and her father, King Triton, to the story of the Prodigal Son. Many examples were presented in class.

Students also took part in helping to design some of the props and set pieces. Our amazing and dedicated Serve parents also stepped up to the plate and helped with so much. The theatre community here in the Valley loaned us many items/equipment to make this production possible. Miss Kim Cooper shared, "Truly, this was a God-sized task with no one better to guide us than our Heavenly Father. Seeing how He has supported me and my amazing students over the years has been a humbling experience. I am so grateful to those who support us and help to pour into our kids. All glory to God!"
Oh, the Fun We Had!
PROM 2021
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