July 2019 Newsletter
Summer Psychic & Wellness Fair
with The Reiki Center Staff
Saturday, July 13, 12-5p
Cost: $20/20 minute for all services
All Sessions are $20 for 20 minutes and are on a "first come" basis.
Everything in the Gift Shop is 20% off!
Joseph Floyd/Starwalker Designs will be offering crystals and wire-wrapped items in the Lobby!

Services & Practitioners 
Melody Jenkins ~~ Runic Tarot
Anastasia Shevchenko ~~ Numerology Readings & Numerology Compatibility
Richard Horton ~~ Spiritual Direction
Shmuel Merimi ~~ Body Tuning of Upper Back and Chest
Cheri Roof ~~ Messages from Spirit
Kelly Bisson ~~ Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Kaye Smith ~~ Reiki
Jane MacMillan ~~ Akashic Records
C Bean ~~ Spirit Drawings
Lisa Feldman ~~ Hand Massage
Jeanette Collins ~~ Elemental Reflexology

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Introduction to Meditation
with Melody Jenkins
Wednesday, July 3 from 6-9 PM
Cost: $40

Many people find it difficult to meditate. Sometimes, we get the idea that meditation means an entire hour of being absolutely quiet with no distracting thoughts and then, some great moment of enlightenment comes at the end of that hour. This class will approach meditation from several different aspects, with a large amount of time spent in the practice of several different types of meditation.
When you enroll in this class, you are encouraged to attend "Make & Take: Create Aromatherapy Meditation Beads Using Essential Oils" taking place on the previous night (July 2nd) at ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! You will make a personal set of meditation beads to use in class!

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Singing Bowl Level 1 Workshop
with Christina Grozik (Bohemiam Babe)
Saturday, July 27, 1:30-3:30p
Cost: $30

What is the impact of sound on the body and how is used to restore balance? Explore a path that helps to release anxiety and promote wellness using singing bowls, sound and silence. Learn how to use SINGING BOWLS, the benefits of doing so and grounding techniques to calm the mind. Techniques on releasing, relaxing and restoring energy flow will be discussed. A SACRED SOUND RELAXATION BATH will conclude the workshop. Participants can choose to lie down or relax in a seated position while the Certified Vibrational Therapist plays a collection of singing bowls and an assortment of other instruments. Harness the vibrations of the bowls and discover the sacred space within.
Finding Balance Through Movement, Music & Mindfulness
with Christina Grozik (Bohemian Babe)
Saturday, July 27, 4:30-6:00p
Cost: $30

This workshop explores techniques and exercises for finding balance in our lives and bodies through movement, music and mindfulness. Specifically designed to target focused energy centers and create flow .
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Moving Medicine: Trager First Aid (Trager ® Approach Introductory Hands-On Workshop)
with Judy Fasone
Sunday, July 28
Cost: $95

How many times have you had an injury that didn’t heal? Perhaps those first moments when injured are more important than you think. You can heal those old injuries!
This series of one-day workshops will enhance your capability for self-healing through movement. In addition to experiencing a greater awareness of your body, opportunities for gentle touch and self-care will be built into the day. (Just one of these classes will partially fulfill the requirements for entering the Trager® Approach Training program,)
All classes are 12pm-6pm          

6 CE’s available for LMT’s, 4.5 for Nurses 

Each of the classes will introduce you to the Trager® Approach, and you will learn and experience a  hands on gentle and effective way of taking care of yourself. Take one class or the whole series for greater health and happiness. Self-Care IS Health Care
 Investment: $95 per class, $20 off each additional class

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Yin Yoga: Exploring the Benefits of Stillness
with Stacey Steed
Tuesdays July 2,9,16 & 23
Cost: $12 drop-in

Yin Yoga is a slow and passive yoga practice with primarily seated poses that are held for longer periods of time. The benefit of sitting with a yoga pose for 2 -3 minutes is that we gain deeper access into our bodies –and even our minds. A yin yoga practice cultivates stillness while also increasing flexibility and encouraging self-reflection. This is a 60-minute class that will begin with a simple meditation, explore a limited number of yoga poses, and end in savasana. During the practice, we will contemplate themes like surrender, escape, contentment, and change, and also identify the physical benefits of each pose. The structure and dialogue of each class is intended to guide us to our deeper journey of moving inward. Please bring a yoga mat or towel for the practices.

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Lunch and Learn Series:
What Are Chakras?
with Linda Haley
Wednesday, July 17, 12-1p
Cost: $11

Have you ever heard someone say that your chakras must be out of balance? Would you like to be more intuitive by opening your Third Eye (the 6th Chakra?)
How can you feel more secure, healthier and more productive just by opening your root chakra?

Energy centers in your body are like computer software. They tell your emotions to be joyful or stay stuck in pain. They can help you find your voice or stay in fear. Find out how your bodies and emotions reflect how energy flows .... or doesn't!

Come join us for a light lunch and learn about your chakra system and why this tool is important for your emotional and physical health. Note: on the Lower Level, so will need to use stairs.

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I Just Took a Reiki Class...Now What?
with Kaye Smith
Thursday, July 25, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Are you a new Reiki Practitioner or have you been practicing for 20 years? Do you have occasional questions or do you just want to listen to other people's questions?
Join us for a monthly round-table to discuss and share your questions to help you become more confident in your Reiki skills. Focus will be on traditional Reiki training but all lineages are welcomed to attend.
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I could use your help

The Center is celebrating our 15th year with tremendous growth. A wonderful problem to have, right?

But we're also looking at the growing challenge of scheduling space for treatments and classes. So I need your help. Some of you will receive a survey from me asking for your candid suggestions on how to move forward. Do we relocate? Do we create satellites in other parts of Central Ohio? Do we put services in our current locations and move classes to another site? So many options. If you do receive the survey, we'll thank you with a $10 off coupon for your next visit, just to say thanks.
Our amazing growth also means that I need help managing the details, so I'm thrilled to announce that Linda (L J) Groom has accepted the position of Assistant Director. Linda has been a valued member of our core team for many years, and I'm confident that she will do a terrific job with many of The Reiki Center's daily operations.

Finally, I wanted to introduce Dr. Gabby Goldach to our many friends. Dr. Gabby will be in the Center on Wednesdays from 2-6pm only for the month of July. To schedule, you may contact her directly at 614-561-6190 or by email at drgabbygoldach@gmail.com. I know that I've seen the benefits of her unique combination of gentle chiropractics and energy healing. See for yourself.

Linda Haley, RMT
July Specials
20% off Detox Foot Bath with Seated Reiki or Sound Healing
with Shmuel Merimi
Cost: $48 / 40 min session
$60 / 60 min session

Detoxification restores the ideal balance through the release of unwanted elements from your body and the restoration of wellness.

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CranioSacral Therapy
with Shmuel Merimi
Cost: $60 (Usually $75)

CST can help with Migraines and Headaches, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Stress and Tension, Chronic Fatigue, Orthopedic Problems and many other conditions.   
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Intuitive Drawing with Reiki
$65 for 90 minutes
60 minutes for $48
with C Bean

Reiki & Spirit-infused drawings offer wisdom, truth & healing energies.

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Introducing a New Bodywork Option!
Trauma Sensitive Therapy
with Angel Moon
Cost: $65 / 60 minutes or $40 / 30minutes: July Special Price

For those who struggle with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and other such issues, there's a new option. We'd like to share with you Trauma Sensitive Therapy, a modality that is specifically designed to act on your nervous system and bring it to a calmer state, thus enabling you to face your daily life with a more settled outlook. Prime features of this work include: Remaining dressed for the entire session; breathing techniques to help focus; 30- and 60-minute sessions.
It's time to restore your body's vitality, as well as enhance your peace of mind. 

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20% off Reiki, Sound Healing & Intuitive Health Assessments
with Kelly Bisson
Cost: $48-$60
Kelly is offering any of her above services at a 20% discount. Book a session today!

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For more information on Intuitive Health Assessment click  here!
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Reiki & IlluminAura Combo Session (90 minutes) for $80 and receive a FREE 30 minute Runic Tarot Reading
with Melody Jenkins
Cost: $80

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Classes and Events for July
For information on classes, please click here . To register, click here .
World Peace Meditation
with Susan Fehl
July 17, 7:30-8:30p
Cost: $10

Make & Take:
Create Aromatherapy Meditation Beads using Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, July 2
Cost: $20
 Maintain Optimum Brain Health Using Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, July 16
Cost: $10

Healing Drum Circle
with Iggy Garcia
Saturday, July 6
Cost: Donation
Reiki Review Class
with Kaye Smith
Saturday, July 27
Cost: $75
Reiki 1 Weekday Class
with LJ Groom
Tuesday, July 16 & Wednesday, July 17
Cost: $300

Reiki 1 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, July 20 &
Sunday, July 21
Cost: $300

Reiki Internship
with Linda Haley
6 Wednesdays,
July 10- August 14,
Cost: $350

Deeksha Oneness Blessing
with Denise Musser
Thursday, July 18
Cost: $10

* * * * * *

Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, July 15, 6-8p
Cost: Free.

Vital Awakenings in Sound
with Erik Wells
Monday, July 8, 6-7:30p
Cost: $20
Animal Reiki Class
with Kaye Smith
Saturday, July 6, 9a-5p
Cost: $150

Intro to Animal Reiki
with Kaye Smith
Monday, July 1, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Beyond Series:
Dream Interpretation
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, July 1, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Divination Using Psychometry
Monday, July 8, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Crystal Series: Crystals for the Root Chakra
with Joseph Floyd
Wednesday, July 3
Cost: $25
Reiki Share
(Practitioners Only)
with Linda Haley
Sunday, July 28
Cost: Free
Star Origins
3rd Weds of each month
beginning July 17
6-7:30 pm. $10

Many people are experiencing contact with non-human beings. Maybe you are one of them. If this has happened to you, it can be confusing and sometimes even frightening, especially if you don’t know who to talk to.

Some people hear, feel or know strange information, or can even speak another language, often called Light Language. Some people have memories of being on other planets or traveling out of their bodies. Others have soul memories or a longing for a home that doesn’t feel like it’s here on planet Earth.

Have you seen a UFO, either with your eyes wide open or in dreams?

Star Origins is here to support those who want to explore their soul origins or contacts with star beings. If you would like to talk, or perhaps just listen, in a judgment-free and safe place, please join us.

Crystal Meditation
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, July 1
Cost: $10

The Awakening
with Joseph Floyd
July 10 & 24
Cost: $10

Pet Loss Support Group
with Kaye Smith
July 24,
Cost: donation
Open Your Heart & Intuitive Eye Chakras
with Shmuel Merimi
July16, 5-8p
Cost: $45/30 min session
Body Tuning for Upper Back & Chest
with Shmuel Merimi
Monday, July 29, 5-8p
Cost: $30 for 30 min/session

Quarterly Chakra Balancing Meditations & Affirmations using Essentaial Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, July 30, 6-7p
Cost: $10
Did you know
we offer all these services?

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
Pranic Healing
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Massage Therapy
Trager Approach
CranioSacral Therapy
Akashic Records
Guided Release
Intuitive Counseling
Intuitive Health Assessment
Runic Tarot Readings
Past Life Regression
Shamanic Services
Restorative Yoga
Spiritual Direction
Crystal Harmony
Eden Energy Medicine
Detox Foot Bath
Animal Wellness Services
Essential Oils
IlluminAura Restorative Experience
Spirit Drawings
Intuitive Readings
Boost by Sounds

and there are even more services coming soon!
Mini Sessions
For information on Mini Sessions, please click here . To register, please click here.
Messages With Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Thursday, July 18, 3:30-7:00p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Crystal Reading Mini Sessions
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, July 22, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Sound Healing Mini Sessions
with Kelly Bisson
Tuesday, July 9, 6:30-8:30p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Children's Reiki Mini Sessions
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, July 10, 4-7p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith
Monday, July 8, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Karmic Insights Mini Sessions
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, July 25, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Body Tuning for Upper Back & Chest Mini Sessions
with Shmuel Merimi
Monday, July 29, 5-8p
$30 for 30 min/session
These mini sessions will help those who work in front of a computer, behind the wheel or are carrying any physical or emotional stress in their upper back and chest. Shmuel will be using body tuning forks and CranioSacral Therapy to help release the stress from the upper body.
Upcoming Classes and Events
Archangel Mini Readings, Thursday, August 1, 4-7p
Hand Massage Mini Sessions, Thursday, August 1, 4:30-8:30p
Shamanic Group Healing, Friday, August 2 & 16, 5:30-6:30p
Shamanic Journeying, Friday, August 2 & 16, 7-9p
Healing Drum Circle, Saturday, August 3, 7:30-10p
Animal Reiki, Sunday, August 4, 9a-5p
Beyond Series: Spirit Guides, Monday, August 5, 6-8p
Crystal Meditation, Monday, August 5, 6-7p
Reiki Review, Monday, August 5, 6-9p
Reiki 1 Tuesday Night Series, 4 Tuesdays, August 6,13,20 & 27, 6-9p
Luxurious Salt Scrubs, Tuesday, August 6, 6-8p
Crystal Series: Relaxation Crystals, Wednesday, August 7, 6-8p
Intro to Animal Reiki, Thursday, August 8, 6-8p
Sensitive Living: Navigating Life as a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath , Saturday, August 10, 10a-4p
Beyond Series: Divination using Tarot, Oracle Decks, Angel Cards, Monday, August 12, 6-8p
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions, Monday, August 12, 6-8p
Shamanic Mini Readings, Monday, August 12 & 26, 6-8p
Vital Awakenings in Sound, Monday, August 12, 6-7:30p
Sound Healing Mini Sessions, Tuesday, August 13, 5-8p
Childrens Reiki Mini Sessions, Wednesday, August 14, 4-7p
The Awakening, Wednesday, August 14, 21 & 28, 6-7:30p
World Peace Meditation, Wednesday, August 14, 7:30-9p
Messages with Spirit, Thursday, August 15, 3:30-7:30p
Deeksha The Oneness Blessing, Thursday, August 15, 7-9p
Reiki 1 Class, Saturday, August 17 & Sunday, August 18, 9a-5p
Moving Medicine:Exploring Boundaries with Touch & Movement, Sunday, August 18, 12-6p
Free Reiki Clinic, Monday, August 19, 6-8p
Open Your Heart & Intuitive Eye Chakra, Tuesday, August 20, 5-8p
Back to School Using Essential Oils, Tuesday,August 20, 6-8p
Lunch & Learn, Wednesday, August 21, 12-1p
Karmic Insights Mini Sessions, Thursday, August 22, 6-8p
Animal Reiki Weeknight Class, Thursdays, August 22 & 29, 6-9p
Reiki Share, Sunday, August 25, 6-8p
Crystal Mini Readings, Monday, August 26, 6-8p
Pet Loss Support Group, Wednesday, August 28, 6-8p
Certified Reiki Classes
Learn at the only facility in Central Ohio which teaches in the traditional format.
For class details, please click here . To register, please click here.

Reiki 1 Weekend Class with Linda Haley
Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 9a-5p
Cost: $300
Reiki Internship with Linda Haley
6 Wednesdays, July 10-August 14, 6-9:30p
Cost: $350

Reiki 1 Weekday Class with LJ Groom
Tuesday, July 16 & Wednesday, July 17, 9a-5p
Cost: $300
Reiki Review Class with Kaye Smith
Saturday, July 27, 10a-2p
Cost: $75
Open every day,
9 am - 9 pm
by appointment
1540 W. Fifth Avenue
​Columbus, OH 43212
​Phone: (614) 486-8323