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A Sister's Story: A Quest for Solidarity among Sisters
Running a Marathon to Literacy 

Samantha Smith loves running and loves her sister, Mollie. Her dedication to both led her on a quest to Nashville to run for TeamQuest and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).  She ran in support of Mollie and the more than 10 million American students who struggle daily with dyslexia. After months of training, Samantha completed the 2017 Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama, and most recently the Rock 'n' Roll Half in Nashville, Tennessee. "The training was difficult," says Samantha, "but one of the things that got me through was a mantra I picked up not long ago: 'I am strong. I am capable. I can do hard things.'" Training for the marathon wasn't her only challenge. Smith also agreed to raise $2,200 for IDA!

Feel the Burn
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Why TeamQuest?
"The most dramatic progress in our world is always achieved by courageous people assuming risk, taking very big steps, and beginning an important quest. The first step of your marathon or half marathon will be that extraordinary step toward creating a world where all individuals , regardless of reading differences, have equal access to opportunity and the ability to create more robust lives."
- Rick Smith, CEO
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