Summer Reading 2020: Keep Calm and Read On
June 1 - August 1

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by Josie Silver

Submitted by Joanne C.
Lydia is dealing with the tragic loss of her fiance on the night of her birthday.  The two lives are her "awake" life and her "sleep" life.  In her "awake" life she is working through her grief, but in her "sleep" life, her fiance is alive and they are happily moving forward in creating their future together.  Lydia has to learn how to live in the present instead of completely living in the past.  One complaint would be it went on a little too long but otherwise a very good book.
by Marilynne Robinson

Submitted by Kelly F.
This award-winning, epistolary work reads like an historical dream. A time travel escape from 2020. Yet, there is a touch point with current events as John Ames muses fleetingly on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic.

Barak Obama rates this book as one of his favorites.
by James Tynion IV

Submitted by Molly J.
Find this creepy crawly horror graphic novel on your handy Hoopla app and you won't be sorry. If you like Stranger Things you may enjoy this comic. It's more gruesome and has less humor than Stranger Things, but has a similar premise of a monster descending onto a small town in the midwest. It is told from the perspective of a teen boy who watched all of his friends get brutally eaten by the monster. He survives and is joined by an unlikely companion who helps him learn how to (hopefully) put a stop to the monster.
by Kateri Akiwenzi-Damm

Submitted by Erik S.
This comic collection about Canadian Indigenous history does a great job at bringing lesser-known historical events and figures to the forefront. Stories focus on the many impacts of colonialism and the various forms of resistance that have emerged in response. What’s important, though, is not the extent to which native peoples have been victimized, but rather how—in spite of it all—they have survived, fought back, and in some cases even triumphed.
by Dawn McMillan

Submitted by Katie S.
This hilarious book starts with a little boy who notices he has a big problem: his butt has a huge crack! Follow along as he tries to find a new one. 
by Susan Musgrave

Submitted by Patty G.
This is a sweet rhyming bedtime book sure to please little ones
Hiding Out (Amazon Prime)

Submitted by Amanda D.
I somehow missed this in the 80’s and as a super fan of Pretty in Pink I’m not sure how that’s possible. 

My teenagers enjoyed this comedy with me about a stock broker hiding out from the mob by going back to high school. Family friendly and very 80’s.
The Lovebirds (Netflix)

Submitted by Emily D.
Leilani and Jibran witness a murder and are terrified they will be accused and imprisoned. Instead of explaining the situation the couple run away from the crime scene and determine they must figure out the reason behind the murder for themselves. Laugh out loud funny and an all-star cast. Highly recommend. For fans of Murder Mystery on Netflix.
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