2-Day Intro Training
Restorative Practices & Circles
June 25- 26, August 13-14 or August 20-21, 2018

3-Day Train the Trainer
Restorative Practices & Circles
June 27-29 or August 22-24, 2018

Join teachers and administrators from across the region to learn the fundamentals of Restorative Practices (RP) and Circles through an engaging and interactive 2-day training offered by the Neutral Zone.  

For those schools looking to build internal capacity, we are also offering a 3-day Training of Trainers , available ONLY to those who complete the 2-day program . Workshops are designed to be active, engaging and focused on both theory and practical strategies necessary to implement RP in classrooms and schools.

Maintaining positive school climate is challenging, however growing research demonstrates that restorative RP is one of the most effective strategies for reducing student negative behavior and building positive school climate.  Restorative Practices offers both proactive and responsive strategies for strengthening relationships. The approach helps to develop relationships among students and teachers which are essential for effective teaching and learning. When conflict arises, as it naturally does, RP helps build the skills needed to manage the conflict and behavior and restore relationships.

All training programs will be offered on Eastern Michigan University's campus in Ypsilanti Michigan. This program is a partnership with Engage@EMU .

For more information, please contact John Weiss, Director of Strategic Initiatives- Neutral Zone, weiss@neutral-zone.org
2-Day Intro Training
As a result of the two day training participants will be able to :

  • Define RP as twofold: 1) Building community and connection; 2) Repairing harm
  • Name the four components of the social discipline window and characteristics of each
  • Name the three parts of fair process
  • Explain the theory of the compass of shame
  • Define the restorative practices continuum
  • Understand and be able to use affective statements
  • Practice restorative questioning
  • Understand the purpose of circles
  • Introduce and practice different circle structures

3-Day Training of Trainers

The 3-Day Training of Trainers Program in Restorative Practices (RP) and Circles is only available to individuals who have completed Neutral Zone’s 2-Day Intro to RP and Circles. 

This highly active and engaging workshop focuses on both theory and practical strategies and will prepare participants to train and coach others in RP and circles. The training incorporates critical theories of adult learning and social identity to help prepare trainees to be effective in their work training and coaching others.

Eastern Michigan University - Engage @ EMU
Training will take place on Eastern'Michigan University's campus in Ypsilanti MI. Parking is not included in registration fees. Site locale will be sent after registration.

Meals & Materials
Morning snacks/coffee and lunch are included in registration fees. Materials will also provided.